Meaning of The Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance tarot card signifies peace, harmony, balance, patience, and healing. Symbolizing the zodiac sign of Sagittarius in astrology, the tarot card is a trump card or the major arcana in the most traditional tarot decks.

When the angel of Temperance graces your reading, take it as a positive omen and embrace the natural flow of life. It messages you to align your outer world with the inner world and create the perfect balance. ‘

Since Jupiter rules the Sagittarius, Temperance also denotes optimism, ease in life, expansion, and growth.

Symbolism / Spiritual references and meanings

The Temperance shows an angel with enormous wings whose gender is not determinable on the initial look. She has one foot perched on land, denoting the need to stay grounded, and another foot on the river indicates being one with the divine and subconscious.

She wears a light blue robe that symbolizes peace and purity with an inverted triangle inscribed in a square figure. The inverted triangle represents the holy trinity and its relation with the structure of the materialistic world embodied by the square.

She holds two cups in her hands and is mixing waters between them, messaging the alchemy of life. 

The alchemy of the two streams of water represents the subconscious and the super subconscious and how she can balance her inner realities with the surrounding outside of her to reach the divine and fulfill her true purpose.

The Temperance guide /general meaning

One of the most positive cards of the major arcana, temperance signals peace, harmony. Balance and healing. The tarot card messages us to take the diplomat’s approach and avoid forceful confrontations.

The highway is not the only way is the message of this card. When it appears in your tarot reading, you feel harmonious and aligned with your inner purpose and truth.

It messages you that patience is a virtue, and now is the time to transmute all the negative energy and turn the alchemy in your favor with your positive light.

It is a healing card, so if you have been going through tough times, The Temperance comes with the news of the end of that period.

Upright Love keywords

  • balance, patience in love life

Upright Career Keywords

  • taking one step at a time, patience in projects

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • alchemy, harmony, patience

The Temperance Love meaning

When Temperance graces your love of reading, you will feel harmonious and aligned with your partner. It can indicate either you or your partner are dealing with the relationship delicately and having enough patience for it to bloom and blossom.

If you were going through a period of conflict, Temperance assures you that both of you will heal and move to happier shores. Both of you will talk it out and address the issues in the relationship moving forward.  

For singles, Temperance signals that were waiting and patience will land them their dream partner. It can also denote how singles need to heal from past hurts to find a relationship.

The Temperance Career meaning

Since patience is the theme of the Temperance tarot card, it assures you that your career will take off by practicing patience.

If there is any project or idea that you will passionate about, nurturing it will yield you results.

It also signals that a balance between work and other aspects of your life will deliver outstanding results.

The Temperance Health Meaning

Overall the Temperance in a health spread is a good omen; however, it can warn you that there is a need to balance all the aspects of life.

If one part of your life is overpowering all the others, it is a call to restore the balance.

One can also incorporate meditation and rituals to balance all out and create a creative flow to facilitate peace and calm.

Reversed Temperance Meaning

When the upside-down Temperance occurs in a tarot spread, it is a sign from the universe to restore the harmony and imbalance in your life.

It can also appear when you are anxious due to things slipping out of your hands, and you are experiencing distance.

The reversed temperance signals that through introspection, one can align their inner world with the outer world.

It warns you against being impulsive and rash as things will not go in your favor.

Reversed Hanged Man Love Keywords.

  • extreme love, impatience with partners

Reversed Career Keywords

  • rash decisions, imbalance in money use

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • imbalance, disharmony, rash decisions

Reversed Temperance love Meaning

In a love spread, the upside-down Temperance appears when you are going to extreme ends for love.

Are you giving too much? are you expecting too much in return? Do your friends and family complain you do not have time for them because of your relationship?

The love advice given by the reversed Temperance is not to go too extreme for love and relationships and messages that the right partner fits in our lives effortlessly. 

Reversed Temperance Career Meaning

The upside-down temperance card in a career-related spread warns us that rash or impulsive business decisions will land us in turbulent times.

Also, You need to consider your spending habits. Spending too much at once or not spending a dime is both bad.

The reversed Temperance asks you to restore the balance and flow of finances by practicing moderation. Any rash career moves or disagreements with coworkers will not go in your favor.

The Temperance Tarot explained:

The Temperance as feelings

The Temperance tarot card in the context of a feeling often speaks of a seeker who is feeling in harmony within themselves.

They feel aligned with their outer reality and inner dreams. If you ask what someone else thinks for you and the Temperance appears, it means that person feels you bring balance and stability in their life, and your connection is healing for them.

That person feels an affinity with you and can also feel that both of you are soulmates.

The Temperance in the past Position

It is a very positive card to get in a past position. It signifies you have shaped your present by being patient and harmonious in the past.

It is a green light to continue towards the path of peace and virtue.

The Temperance in the Present position

In the current situation, the temperance messages you that your harvest has arrived and all your dreams that you have been working silently and patiently for will come to reality.

The Temperance in Future Position

The Temperance in the outcome position tells you that your goals and aspirations will be fulfilled with adequate peace and strategy.

It warns you of rash and impulsive decisions. Temperance as an outcome suggests you start embedding balance in your life to deal with future uncertainties.

Temperance as a person

When you meet someone with temperance personality traits, you will realize that this person is a balanced, nuanced, and empathic person.

They far well in professions of healing and might very much be tarot readers themselves. Such a person has an aura around them that makes people gravitate towards them.

They can maintain fulfilling friendships with people due to their excellent communication skills. He or she is empathetic and can be a role model for following and leading a balanced life.

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