Meaning of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man tarot card is a very spiritual card of the trump cards or the major arcana of the tarot deck that denotes pause, new perspective, and delays. You might be facing a dilemma and have no way out. The hanged man encourages you to surrender and take a step back.

The hanged man is the card of the Zodiac sign Of Pisces in astrology and is governed by water. It reinforces that no action is also an action. And, this pause will further your cause or your goals in the long run.

Give up the fear of missing out and relax and watch. Sometimes surrendering to the situations and not rushing the process is the only way.

Symbolism / Spiritual references and meanings

The hanged man shows a man suspended from a living tree branch in an upside-down fashion. His right foot is stuck to the tree, but his leg is free, bending at the knee and crossing in front of his right leg.

He is holding his arms behind his back that form an inverted triangle. He has worn red pants that symbolize human passion and physical forms. The blue vest indicates the heavens and spiritual realm.

Even though he is hanging from the tree upside down, his expressions are serene, as if he is riding in this manner willfully. He has a halo surrounding his head that ties him with spirituality and divine realms.

The Hanged Man Tarot guide /general meaning

When the Hanged man appears in your reading, it calls for a time of no action and surrender. Many readers call it a time of a complete halt, which calls for finding out new ways of doing things or new perspectives.

The Hanged man assures that nothing will come out of pushing yourself, but if you build a unique insight, you will indeed find solutions to all your problems.

The Hanged man assures that all you need is a new angle for the current situation, and the rest will follow. It speaks of how sometimes the only way around is through it.

Upright Love keywords

  • Delay in love life, halt in love

Upright Career Keywords

  • break, waiting for the right moment in work

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • new perspectives, surrender, sacrifice

The Hanged Man Love meaning

When The hanged man appears in your love reading, it can indicate that one or both the partners are taking a step away from the relationship to assess their needs and relationship in general.

If you are single, the upright hanged man appears to signal that you need to break free from your previous relationships energetically and free yourself from old and toxic cycles.

The Hanged man gives the love advice that you will find yourself once you realize these burdens. Do not rush your love life and learn lessons that past has taught you.

The Hanged man Career meaning

When the Hanged man comes in a career, it can show how you might feel frustrated by current career situations.

You can feel a sense of halt or stagnancy in terms of the growth of your career.

If you have invested in a project, you can feel it is not moving forward—the Hanged man messages you to have faith and find alternative ways.

Conversely, you can wait out the storm and assess the situation passively.

The Hanged Man Health Meaning

If you are struggling with health ailments, the hanged man tells you to reconsider your treatment options.

It can also message you to shed off old patterns or mediation practices and consider new paths of enlightenment.

Reversed Hanged Man Meaning

The upside-down hanged man can signal that you avoid facing some form of truth and keeping yourself busy in life, so you don’t meet the situation.

The reversed Hanged man forces you to consider if you don’t meet the case, the universe will make way for you to facet, and you might not like the force of it.

Do not resist the ticking clock and pause for a moment, and consider the areas of your life that need attention.

Conversely, the reversed-hanged man can also indicate you have had a break in life, and now you have come to the other side with new insights.

Reversed Hanged Man Love Keywords.

  • Turnarounds, new insight on romance

Reversed Career Keywords

  • waste of resources, money loss, inability to make a change

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • stagnation, indecision

Reversed Hanged man love Meaning

If you are in a relationship, the upside-down Hanged man can denote how you or your partner are holding on to the relationship even after there are some significant issues between you two.

On a positive note, it can also mean that delays in your love life have come to an end. Reversed hanged man warns you not to repeat your past patterns and cycles in new relationships if you are single.

Reversed Hanged man Career Meaning

With the hanged man in the reverse, you might feel that the world is against you, and your professional life has gone beyond the salvation point.

You can be extremely fearful of the money aspect of your life.

The Hanged Man in the upside-down Position encourages you to take the reins of your life in your hand and not sit out passively.

The Hanged Man Tarot explained:

The Hanged man has feelings

If you want to know how someone feels for you and the hanged man appears, it indicates they do have feelings for you, but they have surrendered the outcome.

It can also mean that they will not make a move or have sacrificed your love.

The Hanged man past Position

The Hanged Man in a past position is a positive omen as it indicates you have released tumultuous feelings and experiences of the past.

You can look at the past with neutral eyes and have learned the lessons of history. You are intermingling those experiences with your present.

The Hanged Man in the Present Position

The Hanged Man in the current path can denote that you feel like nothing is going in your favor and fighting an uphill battle.

It messages you that you have all the answers within, and you need a fresh perspective.

The Hanged Man in Future Position

The Hanged Man in the outcome position warns you that things will remain up in the air, and there are uncertain times ahead.

Do not rush and relax; everything will work out in divine order. Since shaky and unsteady times lie ahead, you should brace yourself up and make necessary arrangements.

The Hanged Man as a person

The person who has the personality traits of the Hanged man is a person of a complex character. He recognizes that his path is full of sacrifices. It can often indicate a saint or someone who has taken a vow of celibacy.

It can also mean someone indecisive. Such a person can at times appear confident, overly confident that can put some people off. He or she is prone to live in limbo-land due to their inability to make timely decisions.

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