Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress tarot depicts a beautiful woman sitting on a throne. The third card in the major arcana of the tarot deck embodies Motherhood, emotions, harmony, and lovely feminine energy.

This is a card of sheer abundance and total bliss. The Empress in a tarot deck is one of the most positive goddesses.

The woman in the card is a goddess of fertility and Motherhood. It is the card that aligns us with our mother earth and nature as well. 

The astrological sign related to this tarot card is Libra, ruled by Venus: planet of harmony, sensuality, and love.

Luxuries and good fortunes surround her. The empress messages to take care of ourselves and others and denotes the season of spring.

Symbolism / Spiritual references and meanings

The Empress is an attractive voluptuous woman who sits on a throne. She is also crowned with twelve stars adorning the crown that symbolizes her connection with mystical arts and realms.

She sits on a pile of cushions, one of which has Venus on it, signifying total harmony, bliss, joy, love, and nourishment.

She wears a beautiful robe with a pattern of pomegranates on them, indicating total fertility and abundance.

She is surrounded by splendid nature, lush trees. It seems like nature is blooming, and spring has come. She looks satisfied in life and enjoying the reaps of her harvest.

She looks like a confident woman with her life as it is, and there is hardly anything else she could ask.

The Empress Tarot guide /general meaning

Consider yourself extremely lucky when the Empress appears in your tarot reading. She embodies sensuality, beauty, arts, creativity, and Motherhood.

The card encourages you to listen to your intuition and use your subtle feminine qualities. This is also valid for men. You are surrounded by abundance, and it is time for you to pause and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The luxuries that life has blessed you with are utterly deserving of you. The Empress nourishes existing ideas and makes you feel more replenished to execute them.

Similarly, she can give birth to new ideas that can turn out to be incredibly fulfilling. The Empress tells you that you are beautiful and extra attractive at this time.

Upright Love keywords

  • A monogamous relationship, deep love, nurturing partnership.

Upright Career Keywords

  • Creativity at work, nurturing talents, expressing creativity, improved finances.

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • Sensuality, Motherhood, Nurturing of oneself and others.

The Empress Love meaning

Perhaps one of the most positive cards to get in a love reading, The Empress is a blessing in relationships. For people already in relationships, Empress shows up when the partnership is about to deepen.

It can mean engagement, marriage. It gives you the love advice of being truthful. It can also tell your partner finds you a spouse material and wants to start a family with you.

The singles will find love soon with the Empress, which will lead to a long-term partnership and harmonious relationship. Singles are also beautiful at this time and must not fear rejection and go all out.

The Empress Career meaning

In a career-related spread, the Empress shows up as a positive affirmation that you are using your creativity and talent rightfully. You can feel a sudden sense of rejuvenated energy at your job.

The Empress is also an encouragement that you must nurture your business ideas and plans.

The money situation is excellent as Empress decorates your tarot spread, and perhaps a little charity and sharing of resources will be the right choice.

The Empress Health Meaning

The Empress tarot is the strongest pregnancy card as it depicts a fertile woman and symbolizes Motherhood.

You are particularly fertile at the moment, and if you don’t want to conceive, you need to be extra cautious.

Overall, Empress is a good omen for general health. Self-love will enrich your body and soul.

Reversed the Empress Meaning

When the Empress tarot appears upside down, it means you need to prioritize yourself and indulge in self-care. You need to draw boundaries and not give your all in helping other people as it will drain you.

It can also indicate others are finding you smothering and overbearing, and there is a need to redirect that love in your direction.

Reversed empress tarot can also show you doubt your beauty and physical form. It wants to draw your attention towards your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Reversed The Empress Love Keywords

  • Lack of space in the relationship, clingy partner, stuck relationship

Reversed Career Keywords

  • Tedious work, routine job, lack of creativity

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • Low self-confidence, over giving to others

Reversed the Empress Love Meaning

When you draw the Empress upside down, it means there is a need to give your lover some space as you might be smothering them. It can sometimes indicate you are suppressing emotions and not expressing your love honestly.

The reversed Empress can indicate you question your beauty, giving birth to insecurities within you and impacting your relationship.

There is a need to love yourself and know that you are beautiful. Being truthful to yourself and your partner will deepen your relationship.

Reversed the Empress Career meaning

With the Empress in upside-down form, you are finding your job borderline boring and highly monotonous. You feel like you are losing the joy in your work.

The reversed Empress encourages you to embrace your creativity and acknowledge how far you have come.

The finances shouldn’t be a cause for concern even when Empress is in reverse. You have enough money and stability and any causes for concerns are unrequired.

The Empress Tarot explained:

The Empress as feelings

You feel like a goddess, and you are fulfilled with the life you have created. You are feeling perfect harmony within you and the people around you.

If the question revolves around someone else’s feelings for you, be assured they think you are gorgeous, beautiful, and an abundant woman. They feel like you have got it all that one could ask for.

The Empress in past Position

You have come from a time of luxury, abundance, harvest, and good fortune, which has led you to this present bliss.

The Empress in past positions encourages you to have gratitude for all you have in this life.

The Empress in Present position

The Empress is the present position is a beautiful omen. You feel blessed and are enjoying the luxuries of life.

You can sense your creativity flowing, nourishing your business endeavors and creative projects. There is little to no scarcity in your life.

The Empress in Future Position

You have significant blessings and harvest coming in the future when the Empress depicts your future outcome.

You will achieve all your desires, whether meeting the love of your life, career goals, or personal achievements.

The Empress as a person

A person who has Empress-like traits is warm, loving, nurturing, and exceptionally talented. They have considerable wealth and careers. The person is very likely in art forms.

Someone with The Empress personality traits will have loving relationships, friendships, and empathy for others and nature. They can make excellent parents and are very homely.

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