Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

The justice tarot card is a trump card or the major arcana of most of the traditional tarot decks. The Justice encapsulates fairness, justness, and balance.

The Justice is ruled by the zodiac sign of Libra in astrology and denotes Justice, right, and weighing the scales. If someone has done you dirty, it is an indication they will pay for it.

Also, beware of your Karma, as if you have done someone poorly, it can come biting you.

The Justice also indicates legal matters or that a legal issue is about to settle in some form of judgment. The Justice can also mean marriage and divorces as it is also a form of a legal contract.

Symbolism/Spiritual references and meanings

A figure sits in front of a purple veil with a sword in its right hand and scales in its left hand. The sword in the right hand denotes how she must use logic and season while making decisions and announcing judgments.

The scale on the left-hand means how she must balance that logic with her intuition as the situation is often linked with the left side of humans. The figure stands between two pillars that are similar to The pillars of te Hierophant and High priestess.

The posts signal two sides of the same coin, duality, and choice. The Pillars symbolize the negative, the positive, the yin and the yang, the power of choice between the two options.

The figure wears a crown with a square embedded that signals how she rules with structure and makes decisions based on configuration.

She wears a red robe with green decorations, and a white pointy toe shoe pops out from her robe, pointing towards the spiritual aspect of our actions.

Justice Tarot Guide /general meaning

If life has been unfair to you, the upright Justice denotes how the scales are about balancing and how you will get the impending Justice.

This is also a good time to introspect your past actions, take ownership of all the decisions, and face the consequences. Justice can also indicate a court case or legal matter that could turn up in your favor.

Be ready to take decisions with empathy and logic and know that truth will always prevail. Justice also appears when the decision you are going to make will impact you in the long term.

You need to ask yourself seriously will you be ok with the repercussions and consequences.

Upright Love keywords

  • Fairness in a relationship, reciprocity

Upright Career Keywords

  • Fairness, accountability

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • Justice, fairness, balance, Karma

Justice Love meaning

Justice in a love spread indicates that balance will be restored in your relationship. If you have been supportive and nurturing towards your partner, they will treat you likewise. Any conflicts between you two are going to resolve.

If you are single, the Justice can denote how you attract what you are. If you have learned lessons from your past relationships, you will meet someone who will treat your right.

Remember, Justice is a card of cause and effect. Whatever you sow, you will harvest that when Justice appears in your tarot spread.

The love advice given by Justice is to remain fair and just in your love life.

Justice Career meaning

This card is a reminder to always act with honor and fairness in your business dealings. You are on the road to be rewarded for your integrity and hard work.

Also, if a business partner has wronged you, they will receive their Karma.

It is a good time for money, and if you are spending money wisely, it will come in ten folds. The office and work politics will turn in your favor.

Justice Health Meaning

The Justice in a health spread indicates a need to restore balance on all aspects of your life as tremendous work might strain your health. Justice welcomes balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

Reversed Justice Meaning

The Upsidedown Justice indicates that you have been mistreated. The people or surrounding near you are treating you unjustly and unfairly, which might be the source of building resentment inside of you.

Conversely, it can also indicate that you deny your actions and their consequences. You are not taking ownership of your decisions and are looking for an excuse to pin them on someone else.

The reversed Justice warns of the blame -game and reminds us that the universe is looking at you. Taking ownership of past mistakes will be full of challenges but will tip the karma scale on your side.

Reversed Justice Love Keywords.

  • unrealistic expectations from romance, cheating, deceit between lovers

Reversed Career Keywords

  • unjust work environment, unfair treatment by colleagues

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • deceit, denial, blame-game

Reversed Justice love Meaning

If the Justice appears in a love spread, the forefront message is that possible cheating or deceit is going on between the lovers. You or your partner may be cheating on each other, and that will soon come to light.

Reversed Justice can also signal a lot of arguments between the couples and heated foul mouth plays. The love advice by reversed Justice is, to be honest and clear out your Karma.

If you are single, the upside-down Justice indicates how you have not learned from past relationships, disabling you from finding love.

Reversed Justice Career Meaning

Upside down, Justice means you are being treated unjustly by your coworkers. They may be pinning someone else’s mistakes. You can feel the world is against you.

Reversed Justice warns you of confrontation, and unnecessary arguments as things will not go in your favor at this time. The reversed Justice can also indicate that some legal judgment can go against you.

The Justice Tarot Explained:

Justice as feelings

The Justice talks about feelings of balance and harmony. If you ask how someone else feels, they feel like you are perfect for each other. Sometimes, the context of the love feelings can also mean that the other person is weighing you in terms of pros and cons.

Justice in past Position

Justice in a past position denotes you are facing the consequence of a decision made in the past. It does not indicate if it was a bad or good decision but encourages you to take ownership and face the consequences of your decision.

Justice in the Present position

Justice in the present position can indicate a choice to be made, and you should make it unbiased and fairly. The selection and decision you make will alter the course of your life.

Justice in Future Position

People who caused you harmed and blamed you for something you did not do will face the consequences. You will win, and you will prevail from your integrity, fairness, and honesty.

Justice as a person

The person who has Justice tarot’s personality traits is someone who is like a Libra by heart. This means they weigh situations before acting on anything.

He or she is a just person and believes in making decisions somewhat. He is charismatic, logical, reasonable, but an old-school romantic at heart.



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