Meaning of The Magician Tarot Card

Tarot card that is numbered one, The Magician Tarot appearing in your reading means the universe is in your favor, and it is the time to manifest whatever you wish for. The astrological sign related to The Magician is mercury which is also the ruler of communication.

The Magician tells you that you carry all the right tools necessary to achieve your goals and aspirations, and you are the master manifestor. You can attract whatever you want. So, be mindful of what you wish for; you might get it.

Symbolism / Spiritual references and meanings

The Person in the image has one arm pointed towards the sky and the other arm pointing towards the ground. This symbolizes how he understands the full potential of the sky and the grounding power of the earth.

He uses the physical and spiritual world to his best advantage. He wears a white robe that depicts his purity. There are four symbols of tarot deck-pentacles, cups, swords, and wands on a table that lies in front of him, each embodying earth, water, air, and fire elements.

An infinity symbol lurks on top of his head, which depicts the unlimited and infinite potential he has to birth reality to his dreams. It also has a snake in the card that indicates strength and potential.

The Magician Tarot guide /general meaning

The answer to any question that the Magician tarot presents as an answer is a yes. It is a powerful tarot card that personifies power, magic, creativity, skill, and determination.

If you were not convinced, you had what it takes to achieve a goal or cross an obstacle; the Magician assures you are as ready as you could ever be.

The Magician encourages you to use every skill required till now and put it to use. It also messages how the law of attraction can help you to realize your goals and aspirations.

The universe will grant your every wish. The Magician promises that now is the time to take action with curiosity, creativity, and determination.

Upright Love keywords

  • Having faith in love, attracting the right partner, the start of magical romance

Upright Career Keywords

  • Willpower, skill, innovation, increase in finances.

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • Manifestations, abilities, willpower, skills

The Magician Love meaning

In a love reading, the Magician’s occurrence is a positive omen. It assures you that a relationship is going in the right direction, and you will get what you desire out of it. The connection can grow more committed and deeper in the future.

For singles, the magician card indicates that you have the power to manifest your ideal love. The love advice given by the card is not to fear creating opportunities in your life that could lead you to love.

It encourages you to be honest in your relationship and not try to smite your partner with manipulations. Also, it can mean chemistry, magic, and romance between two lovers.

The Magician Career meaning

In a career-related spread drawing, the magician card signifies the importance of drive, ambition, willpower, and determination in your work. If you have new plans for your business, trust that they will come to fruition.

Things will work out in your favor as long as you use the resources and skillset to the best of your abilities. If you want to pursue a course or complete education, the Magician says you will have a positive outcome.

Calculated risks will yield great results, and luck with money is going to be good. Financial gains are around the corner with The Magician.

The Magician Health Meaning

Drawing up this card in a health context indicates that prolonged ailing diseases will resolve in the coming days. Also, a new healer can come into the picture and impacts your health and recovery.

Believe in the power of mind and meditation, and your physical body will be rejuvenated.

Reversed the Magician Meaning

The Magician tarot card in an upside-down position often indicates you cannot see an opportunity that can make you miss it. It warns about missed opportunities and a lack of self-confidence.

This is not the time to be shy but to act on your aspirations. The Magician in reversed position can also indicate trickery and illusions.

This form warns you about possible deceit and sends a word of caution. If something seems too good to be true, it most probably is. Beware of manipulative people and study the facts if something seems fishy.

Reversed Magician Love Keywords

  • Illusions in love, trickery, deceit, loss of faith

Reversed Career Keywords

  • Missed opportunities, workplace politics, lack of financial gains

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • Tricks, dishonesty, illusions

Reversed Love Meaning

The Magician in upside-down form can signal your lack of faith in seeking and finding love. You might believe you will never find love and an ideal mate that can further push away a new romance out of your life.

Reversed Magician also tells you to control your love life as you might not be doing it. This form of occurrence in a reading can mean your new lover is not what they look like and is a personification of a magician to woo you using their wits and tricks.

Conversely, it can also mean you are not your true self in the relationship, blocking genuine intimacy.

Reversed Career meaning

The magician tarot reversal suggests that you are not using your talent and skills entirely in a job. You might have the ability to do a lot more, but you lack confidence, making you stuck in a situation.

You need to assess the risks associated and make an informed decision about a new or ongoing project. Similarly, it can also warn you that few people at your workplace are dishonest with you and cautions you to stay vigilant.

The Magician Tarot explained:

The Magician as feelings

In the context of your own feelings, the Magician says you feel quite splendid and wonderful. You think you have the power to change your destiny.

If you want to know how someone else feels about you and Magician comes in the reading, let it be known that they think you are attractive, intriguing, and full of a pull to you.

The Magician in past Position

If this card occurs in a past position, it indicates you achieved success due to your skills and willpower in the past. It says you manifested something in the past that gave you much success and joy.

The Magician in Present position

It is a potent card to get in a current situation. You have all the power and resources in the world. You are the master manifestor and a child of the universe. Hard work and grit can make you achieve great heights.

The Magician in Future Position

You are on the road to success! If you ask a question related to an outcome, the Magician promises you will have a great outcome. Continue to believe in your dreams to attract what you desire.

The Magician as a person

A person who embodies the personality traits of the Magician is a powerhouse. He or she is highly determined and dreams big. This is a highly resourceful and worldly person. Friendship with a magician-type person is impactful and joyous.

On the downside, they can easily manipulate you as they have a vast knowledge of things and people.

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