Meaning of The High Priestess Tarot Card

High Priestess Tarot card is a second major arcana card in the tarot deck and represents intuition, mystery, and knowledge. The card represents the subconscious and is linked to water elements and the zodiac signs of Cancer and Pisces in astrology.

The high priestess indicates it is time to take a step back and reflect on the situation using the feminine energies of intuition rather than analyzing it from mind and logic.

No other card is major or minor arcana is as mysterious and knowledgeable as high priestess.

Symbolism / Spiritual references and meanings

Perhaps one of the most mysterious and one of the most powerful tarot cards, it depicts a woman sitting on a throne with two poles on her right and left. She is adorned in a blue robe representing her deep knowledge and acts as the bridge between the two poles.

The B on the black pillar stands for Boaz, and the J on the white pillar stands for Jachin. Two Pillars with black and white colors are just like yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies.

She acts as a balance and bridge between both energies and symbolizes the duality of life. She holds the wisdom and awareness of both energies and has attained a balance of them both.

She holds a scroll in her grip, which Tora inscribed on it which references Jewish religious script. The pomegranates on the card represent fertility and abundance.

The Crescent moon on the card symbolizes the magic and mystery of the moon and its energy and lunar cycles as well.

High Priestess Tarot guide /general meaning

Whenever a High priestess appears in your readings, it is a time for you to be passive and observe the situation. This card messages you to follow your gut instincts and embrace your subconscious mind while making a decision.

It encourages you to look beyond logic and reasons and use your psychic abilities in analyzing or deciding on a situation.

With the occurrence of this card, the questions asked are always a yes, but only when you use your intuition to the highest of your abilities and trust your gut.

Upright Love keywords:

  • Sexuality, Intimacy, Passive love life

Upright Career Keywords:

  • Mentor, knowledge, education, following gut instincts in business

Psychic revelations Keywords:

  • Following the gut, acknowledging inner truths

Upright High Priestess Love meaning

The high priestess is not a typical relationship card, and it may depict that you need to reassess your relationship.

Is there something you’ve been ignoring about your relationship or your partner? It could also mean inaction, and either you or your partner is passive in the relationship.

When it appears in your love reading, this is the time to focus on what you truly desire out of a relationship and your partner and take a deep look inside at what love means to you. 

If you are single, it depicts love is not on your mind, and you are enjoying your self-time.

Upright High Priestess Career meaning

Since the High priestess is the epitome of knowledge of both worlds and depicts knowledge, it is a great card to draw if you are considering pursuing academic courses and comprehensive knowledge.

It also encourages you to assess your satisfaction in your current work and question yourself if that truly makes you happy? Or is there something else that excites you, and you have not taken action against that dream because you fear failure or acceptance from society?

Upright High Priestess Health Meaning

If you feel something not quite right with your health and you get a high priestess card, it means it is best to get checked by a doctor.

Do not ignore any signs and listen to your mind and body. It can also indicate pregnancy as it depicts fertility.

It also encourages taking a deep dive into the world of meditation and spirituality, which will benefit your mind and body and enrich your soul.

Reversed High Priestess

You might get an upside-down high priestess in your reading when you are repressing your feelings or not trusting your inner guidance.

It says you are not focusing on the self and ignoring your psychic abilities, and letting your judgment clouded by external entities.

It means you lack self-confidence and ignore messages coming from the divine and your own spirit.

All the answers lie within. The logical mind might be misleading you, and you need to go deep inside to clear certain dilemmas.

Reversed Love Keywords:

  • Dishonesty in relationships, Secrets between lovers.

Reversed Career Keywords:

  • Lack of clarity, half-knowledge about projects or clients.

Reversed Psychic Keywords:

  • Suppressing knowledge, veiled secrets.

Reversed High Priestess Love Meaning

It means you need to be more truthful with your love life and use your intuition to solve the problems in the relationship.

Upside down high priestess also warns of impulsive decisions and wants you to be less assertive.

The love advice or message of the reversed card is to shed inhibitions and show your true self to your lover.

Reversed High Priestess Career meaning

Are you doing a job despite not having any passion for it? Is there a deal that has something off about it, yet you are in it?

Reversed high priestess comes as a warning that things might not be as they seem, and there is a need to be truthful and honest with yourself and follow your heart. Matters of finance need a careful look.

High Priestess Tarot explained:

High priestess as feelings

If you want to know whether someone has true love feelings for you, high priestess indicates you are not yet to know the truth.

It says the feelings are not to be revealed to you yet. All will come to light at the correct time. Have Patience and trust the universe.

High priestess in Past

If this card shows up in your past position, it signifies you successfully dealt with a situation in the past using your intuition and inner knowledge. It pushes you to keep listening to your inner truth.

High Priestess in Present

Drawing this card is presents messages for you to de-clutter your mind and self-reflect on yourself.

It encourages being passive and paying attention to your inner wisdom and years of knowledge. You are going on the right path and you need to stop doubting your path.

High Priestess in Future

In a question that is centered in the future, High priestess means you are not to know the outcome yet.

It encourages you to live in the present and not obsess about the outcome in the future as it is veiled and cannot be revealed to you at the moment.

Everything works in divine timing and you need to believe that the outcome will be for your highest good.

High priestess as a person

A person with a High priestess personality has an air of mystery about them. They can look at you and know your secrets right away, but you would not know theirs.

You can have a good friendship with this person, but that person reveals as much or as little about them as they please, but are a deep ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality.

The person personified as a high priestess has embraced their sexuality but expresses it in more subtle ways.

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