Meaning of The Fool Tarot Card

Brace yourself when the Fool tarot appears in your reading; you are going to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The Fool is the very first card of the 22 major arcana, and all the major arcana are indeed the Fool’s journey.

It is numbered as zero, which signifies the start of something, and like zero, it is complete and empty at the same time. The Fool embodies new beginnings, exciting times, and the thrill that one gets at the start of a new chapter.

The Fool card represents the element air and describes air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Though traditionally in astrology, the Fool card is often related to Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.

Symbolism / Spiritual References and Meanings

When one thinks of the most lively and playful cards in the tarot deck, one will think of the Fool. It depicts a cheerful and almost innocent person who screams full of life and abundance.

He seems not to care much about what lies ahead as he is just looking up in the sky of possibilities standing on the edge of a cliff. He carries a small sack that seems adequate to him to sustain the long journey ahead.

A white rose he delicately holds in his left hand signifies purity, innocence, and freedom. There is a lot of white symbolism as he also has a white dog in the picture, which embodies loyalty and Fool’s protection, almost a promise from the universe that it will take care of him in this exciting journey.

The mountains in the far distant lands represent obstacles that are about to come in the path of the Fool, yet he does not care and moves ahead with joy and excitement.

The Fool Tarot Guide/General meaning

The tarot card of the Fool is a card that promises new beginnings, exciting journeys, joyful times, potential, and opportunities. The Fool calls for action and to throw reluctance and embrace the unknown.

When this card appears in your reading, the universe is nudging you to take risks as the risks are accepted at this time. Even if you feel you are not prepared and appropriately equipped to begin something new,

The Fool promises positive outcomes. Cheerful, playful, and light-hearted energy is the key message of the Fool. You are encouraged to believe in magic, faith, and optimism. The Fool is a minimalist and innocent soul and does not overanalyze situations.

Upright Love keywords

  • Meeting a new lover, the start of a new relationship, playmate romance.

Upright Career Keywords

  • Change of job, promotion, new business ventures, New source of finances

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • Potential, new opportunities

The Fool Love meaning

When you draw the fool tarot card in a love reading, it messages us that a new relationship is on the horizon. It will be a light-hearted, fun, easy affair and will have a lot of silliness and excitement around it. It also encourages you to take risks and put yourself out there to find love.

If you haven’t used dating apps or avoided socializing, the Fool encourages you to break the routine and make bolder and more assertive moves. If you are already in a committed relationship, it means there could be a new chapter in your relationship that is upon you.

You might get engaged or married or perhaps have a baby. The singles will find love if they don’t fear rejection and approach love with a childlike curiosity and innocence.

The Fool Career meaning

The Fool in a career reading is nothing less than a blessing as it brings change, new positive opportunities, change of jobs, and entrepreneurship. It encourages you to have a positive outlook as the difference is on its way.

The Fool dares you to innovate, take risks and use passion in your job as it will be highly beneficial. Finances will improve with new potentials.

If you are sitting on the fence to pursue an educational course, a career, or a creative opportunity, be assured taking a full plunge will yield results.

Follow your heart and let it take the lead. It can also mean a literal move to a distant place or new country for a unique job opportunity.

The Fool Health Meaning

Regarding health, the Fool tarot comes as good news as it is a card that embodies vital energy.

Even if there were any struggles related to physical health, the Fool assures good times are to come.

The Fool can sometimes also signify pregnancy or that someone is about to conceive.

Reversed the Fool Meaning

If the card appears in the upside-down form, it warns you to keep a check on recklessness and impulsive decisions. It can message you not to use risk-taking behavior as an excuse for amateur decisions and carelessness.

The Fool in reversed means that you are being gullible to the point of actually being a literal fool.

This is not the time to make quick and rash decisions but a time to consider repercussions and responsibilities. Reversed Fool conveys novice behaviour and that it can do more harm than good to you.

Reversed Love Keywords

  • Lack of stability in relationship, lack of commitment between lovers

Reversed Career Keywords

  • Stale job, rash decisions, excessive spending, risky business model

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • Carelessness, Naive approach

Reversed Love Meaning

The upside-down draw of the Fool in a reading warns you about the lack of commitment in the relationship. The relationship has no stability and dedication and, if not dealt with properly, might not last.

It can mean that your partner is too amateur to deal with loving and committed relationships.

Reversed Fool in a love tarot reading can also tell that you are naive with a new lover, and the love advice you need is to see the picture clearly as there might be something that you aren’t aware of this new person.

Reversed Career meaning

The Fool in a reversed position regarding a career question can indicate you feel stuck in a job and have no rigour or joy doing it. You might find your work boring.

Sometimes, it can also point you are taking too many risks in a business that might trouble you later.

Being reckless with finances can prove to be an issue, and there’s a need to consider your actions and the effect they can cause on the business or your colleagues.

The Fool Tarot Explained:

The Fool as feelings

If you are curious to know how someone feels about you and the Fool adorns your reading, be assured that the person has good solid feelings for you.

You make them feel excited, almost childlike, and they feel like a fool to feel this way for you. You give them butterflies, and that person looks at you with full potential and dreams.

The Fool in Past Position

The Fool Tarot in the past position indicates that a new beginning occurred in your life in the past.

You might have moved to a new country, started a new job, or committed to a new lover sometime ago, and this will influence your life in the coming days.

The Fool in Present position

The Fool in the present position is a powerful card. It tells you that the world is your stage, and you can conquer all your dreams and desires if you move towards them in full force and heart.

This is a powerful time for a change, and the result will be positive. It encourages you to embrace your wanderlust and free-spiritedness and embark on new adventures.

The Fool in Future Position

Universe has granted all your wishes, and you are about to meet the love of your life or get a dream job.

You will be rewarded for your curiosity and optimism, and a new thrilling chapter of life awaits you. Just have faith and keep on going like an innocent child.

The Fool as a person

Fool’s personality traits in person present as someone gullible, innocent, and who believes in the universe. He has faith that things will work out for the best.

This person has light energy and a positive, playful outlook towards life. Friendship with such a person will be extremely joyous.

He or She likely does not carry baggage from past hurts and see the world with innocent and curious eyes.

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