Meaning of The Devil Tarot Card

The tarot card of the Devil signifies lust, codependency, and addictions. It is ruled by the zodiac sign of the Capricorn in astrology and comes after the experience in the major arcana of the tarot deck.

When the Devil Tarot appears in your reading, it means even though you might want weel powerless and out of control towards material and flesh pleasures, you have all the power to claim back your power. Changing perspectives will do you good, and the Devil creates an illusion.

Symbolism/Spiritual References and Meanings

The Devil card depicts Baphomet, a half goat and half man associated with the embodiment of the Devil. He has an inverted pentagon inscribed on him, signaling the occult aspects of him.

He has bat wings that link him with blood-sucking creatures that extract the life out of you when you give in to your addictions and worldly pleasures. Two figures stand naked in front of him- a man and a woman.

The devil card is the shadow aspect of the major arcana of the lover’s card. The man and woman look unhappy and look like captives.

The chain around their necks is loose, indicating they can break away any moment they want. The grapes on the women’s tail and fire on the man’s tail show animalistic nature and desires.

The Devil Tarot Guide/General Meaning

When the Devil comes in your tarot reading, you go through some heavy energy work and toxicity. It can signal one battling with drug addiction or alcoholism.

It can also indicate someone struggling with mental health issues and a need for therapy.

It is a message from the divine that you have all the power within you to break away from toxic environments and cycles only if you become aware and dare to take the plunge.

Since it is the lovers’ card’s shadow aspect, it also signifies the power of choice. The Devil Tarot warms to make the right choice and not fall prey to lust, addictions, and codependencies.

Upright Love keywords

  • Codependency, toxic partner, lust

Upright Career Keywords

  • Feeling powerless in career, enticement to take shortcuts, over the expense

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • Addictions, toxicity, feeling powerless

The Devil Love Meaning

When evil appears in a love reading, it heavily indicates sexual attraction and lust. It does not necessarily mean a bad thing, but the Devil cautions overindulgence and becoming co-dependent on a partner.

Conversely, the Devil can manifest as a partner who is toxic and manipulative. It calls for you to leave the relationship for the sake of yourself and your self-esteem.

It can also indicate other addictions are influencing your love life. The Devil can mean they will meet a person who wants them for sexual pursuits and not for love for singles.

The Devil can serve as a warning, and the love advice would be not to entertain such a person. If you are alright with hookups, you need to communicate it with the other person to avoid confusion.

The Devil Career Meaning

The Devil can grace a career spread if one feels out of control and powerless about their work situation.

It can also mean that gambling influences your money situation, and you are overindulging, hindering your finances.

The Devil can indicate that workplace politics is going dirty, and there is deceit at play.

The Devil Health Meaning

The Devil in a health spread indicates that alcoholism, drug addiction, and other forms of indulgences hamper your health.

It can signal a mental health problem of depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder too.

There is a need to break free from bad habits or start practicing moderation before it causes irrevocable damage to your health.

Reversed The Devil Meaning

The reversed Devil is a good omen as it means you have identified the destructive patterns and toxic habits of your life, and you are ready to cut them away.

If some people do not serve you any good and want your harm, you are prepared to cut them off. It can also indicate long battles from addiction and emerging victorious.

Remember, like Lovers, the Devil is also a card of choices. The Devil feels he holds power over you, but your inner strength can fight it off.

Reversed Hanged Man Love Keywords.

  • Identifying addictions, taking back control 

Reversed Career Keywords

  • Achieving financial independence, feeling controlled at work

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • Breaking away from toxicity, winning on addictions

Reversed Devil love Meaning

A love reading involving established couples can mean that the lovers have overpowered competencies issues and have attained more stable grounds.

It can also mean that a person has decided to walk away from a toxic and mentally draining relationship.

For singles, it can denote a period where they have learned from the past mistakes and understood what they want out of a partner and relationship.

The love advice given by the reversed Devil is to break away from the toxicities.

Reversed Devil Career Meaning

The Upsidedown Devil in a career-related spread the reversed Devil is a positive outcome.

It can mean that the period of confusion and powerlessness has come to an end, and you have figured how to realize your goals.

If Over expenditure in addictions like betting and gambling was a problem, you are getting the hang of it and started standing on your two feet.

The Devil Tarot Explained:

The Devil as feelings

The Devil embodies feelings of power, insecurities, and insecurities. If you ask how someone else feels for you and the Devil appears, it means that the person in question has a strong desire for you that comes in the terrain of lust.

You have captivated their sexual imagination. It is up to you to take it forward as there is no promise of a lasting relationship in this connection.

The Devil in the past Position

The Devil in the past signifies that you made some bad choices that affect your present circumstances and hinder your goals and aspirations.

The Devil in the Present position

Addictions and competencies are at play in your life, and you feel you have no control over those circumstances.

The Devil warns you that you need to tread carefully as this is a testing time from the universe. Spirit wants you to remember you can overcome strong urges.

The Devil in Future Position

The Devil in future position signals tough and testing times ahead. You will need to show your progress to the universe by not giving in to the material pleasures and making the right choice.

As an outcome, the Devil warns you can encounter someone who might not have the best interests in your heart in the future.

Devil as a person

A person who has Devil’s personality traits is interesting. Such a person likes to control and can resort to any means to get what they want. The Capricornian energies make such a person hardworking but equally rigid and stubborn.

They might be selfish in friendships and interpersonal relationships. They care about themselves the most and seek instant gratification.

Such a person has heavy energy, and those who talk to him regularly will describe him as domineering and alpha. Deep down, such a person suffers from insecurities and masks them with acting stubborn and dominating.

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