How to manifest your dreams and make them come true in a glimpse of an eye?

Dreams and goals can always be achieved – the only question is how long it will take you. In this text, we want to talk about manifesting – this is a process in which you are putting your dreams and aspirations forward for the Universe to hear them and fulfill them one way or another.

In this text, we will talk about how it actually works, when it is going to be helpful and when – not so much, and will give coverage of this term in general.

What Manifesting is

The so-called law of attraction – get what you think about – is one of the variants of magical thinking that people have been exposed to from the most ancient times to the present day.

We form our own reality, we just need to tune in to the appropriate wave and think about our requests correctly.

The manifestation of desires is all the same but in a new wrapper.

Only now adherents and popularizers of this practice do not release books, but record videos on Instagram (and if they buy Instagram followers their videos literally boom on the platform in several days) and conduct “marathons of desires”.

Moreover, everyone’s recipes are different: someone says that it’s enough just to think about your “wish”, someone suggests writing down your wish and speaking it out loud every morning, and someone generally advocates complex rituals by candlelights, etc.

However, the point is the same: you have to concentrate on what you want, write it down or formulate it very clearly, and then, from time to time, speak it out loud (or think about it with focus) to move closer to the things you want. How is it working?

How it works

To begin with, we’d like to emphasize that the manifestation will work positively only if your desires do not contradict the current reality or are not based on what deeply bothers you and what you are not yet able to change.

Let’s say if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you should not manifest your desires in the form of “I am rich” – this will only make your psyche feel constant pressure and subconsciously reject the willingness to do something about this situation.

Do you understand what we mean? Manifestations should be friendly to your current life situation, they should be pleasant to you at any time and cause only a positive response inside.

It is also very important to understand that the issue cannot be solved by manifesting alone. This is the starting point of the process; for example, if you want a promoted profile on Instagram, you can manifest “I will become popular in the coming months,” but only saying something is not enough – you have to do something as well.

Use these phrases as a motivator: go and buy real Instagram followers, for example. Or go make an agreement with a blogger about advertising. In general, do something to bring yourself closer to the reality that you imagine during the manifestation.


So, manifestation is a psychological and spiritual practice in which you isolate and formulate your dreams and aspirations. It should not be underestimated, because any success begins with a clear understanding of what you want from your life.

This step cannot be missed, underestimated, or overestimated – you must clearly understand how manifestation is useful, but at the same time you should realize what it cannot do for you.

We would recommend that you give up complex rituals and focus on the psychological component of the process – take the time, sit down with a pen and paper and write down everything that is bothering you now.

Let’s see which of these points you are able to change now and turn them into positive manifestations. Carefully monitor the internal response – do the phrases cause anxiety and rejection? If everything is fine, move on to daily practice, but remember that the word should always be followed by action.

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