9 Best Low Energy Dog Breeds

When it comes to selecting a dog breed that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle, considering the energy level of the breed is crucial.

Not everyone has the time, space, or inclination to care for a high-energy dog that requires hours of exercise and mental stimulation each day.

For those seeking a more relaxed and low-energy canine companion, there are several breeds to consider. In this article, we’ll explore the nine best low-energy dog breeds that can be wonderful additions to your family.


Bulldogs are renowned for their easygoing and laid-back nature. They have a low energy level and are content with short walks and lounging around the house. Their affectionate and gentle demeanor makes them excellent family pets.

Basset Hound:

Basset Hounds are characterized by their long ears and droopy eyes. They are incredibly relaxed dogs that enjoy leisurely strolls and lounging on the couch. Basset Hounds are known for their friendly and patient disposition.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzus are small, fluffy dogs that thrive in indoor environments. They require minimal exercise and are perfectly content with short walks and playtime indoors. Their loving and loyal nature makes them great companions.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

These elegant dogs are not only beautiful but also low in energy. They enjoy cuddling and are well-suited for apartment living. They form strong bonds with their owners and are affectionate and gentle.

Chow Chow:

Chow Chows are known for their regal appearance and independent personality. They are low-energy dogs that are happy with moderate exercise and enjoy lounging at home. They are loyal and protective of their families.

French Bulldog:

French Bulldogs are another small breed with a low activity level. They are playful but not overly energetic, making them ideal for families in smaller living spaces. Their comical antics and affectionate nature are endearing.


Pugs are charming little dogs that are content with a relaxed lifestyle. They enjoy short walks and love to be pampered. Pugs are known for their jovial personalities and adapt well to various living situations.

Shiba Inu:

Shiba Inus are a bit more active than some of the other breeds on this list, but they are still considered low-energy compared to many. They are independent dogs that are clean and easy to groom. With proper training, they make great companions for those looking for a more low-key pet.


Despite their reputation as racing dogs, retired Greyhounds are surprisingly low-energy. They enjoy sprinting in short bursts but are otherwise quite laid back. They make excellent pets for families and individuals who want a gentle and graceful companion.

In conclusion, choosing a low-energy dog breed can be a fantastic decision for individuals and families who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. These breeds offer companionship, loyalty, and love without the high demands of exercise and activity.

However, it’s essential to remember that even low-energy dogs require mental stimulation, socialization, and regular veterinary care to ensure a happy and healthy life. When considering a dog breed, always research and evaluate their specific needs and compatibility with your lifestyle to find the perfect furry friend for you.

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