10 Dog Breeds That Are Wirehaired

When it comes to dog breeds, there’s a wide variety to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and appearance.

Among the many categories of dogs, one that stands out for its distinctive coat type is the Wirehaired group.

Wirehaired dog breeds are known for their wiry, bristly, and often harsh-textured coats that set them apart from their smooth or long-haired counterparts. In this discussion, we’ll explore ten Wirehaired dog breeds, each with its unique charm and characteristics.

Wirehaired Fox Terrier:

This breed is known for its playful and energetic nature. Wirehaired Fox Terriers are small dogs with a wiry coat that’s predominantly white with brown or black markings. They are intelligent and make excellent family pets.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon:

This breed is a superb hunting companion. Their dense, wiry coats help protect them in rugged terrains. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are loyal, trainable, and excel in retrieving game.

German Wirehaired Pointer:

Highly regarded for their hunting abilities, these dogs have a distinctive bearded face and a dense, water-resistant coat. They’re versatile and can work both on land and in water.

Wirehaired Dachshund:

A variation of the popular Dachshund breed, Wirehaired Dachshunds have a unique coat texture. They are brave, alert, and make excellent watchdogs.

Wirehaired Vizsla:

These dogs are known for their striking golden coats with a wiry texture. They are active, affectionate, and require plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Irish Terrier:

With their fiery red coats and wiry texture, Irish Terriers are hard to miss. They are known for their courage and loyalty, making them great companions.

Brussels Griffon:

These small Wirehaired dogs are characterized by their distinctive monkey-like faces. They are affectionate, lively, and make great indoor pets.

Scottish Terrier:

Also known as the “Scottie,” these Wirehaired dogs are sturdy and have a dignified appearance. They are independent and require early socialization for well-rounded behavior.

Spinone Italiano:

Originating from Italy, the Spinone Italiano is known for its dense, wiry coat. They are gentle giants, known for their friendly and patient disposition.


This breed boasts a rough, water-resistant coat that helps it excel in aquatic environments. Otterhounds are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them great family pets.

Wirehaired breeds, in general, require regular grooming to maintain their coats’ texture and prevent matting.

This grooming process often involves hand-stripping or plucking the dead hairs to allow new ones to grow in their place.

Additionally, these breeds tend to be active and intelligent, so mental stimulation and regular exercise are essential to keep them happy.

In conclusion, Wirehaired dog breeds offer a unique combination of striking appearances and wonderful personalities.

Whether you’re looking for a loyal family companion or a skilled hunting partner, there’s likely a Wirehaired breed that suits your needs.

Just be prepared to invest time and effort into their grooming and exercise requirements to ensure they thrive in your care.

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