7 Best Low Energy Small Dogs for a Cozy Companion

Are you looking for a furry friend to share your life with, but you prefer a low-energy dog breed that’s content with leisurely strolls and lounging around? Look no further! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 7 best low energy small dogs that are not only adorable but also perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. These pint-sized pups are the embodiment of “less is more” when it comes to energy levels, making them ideal companions for individuals and families alike.

1: French Bulldog – Your Easygoing, Wrinkled Buddy

The French Bulldog, often affectionately called the “Frenchie,” tops our list of low-energy small dog breeds. These compact canines have a laid-back demeanor, making them excellent choices for apartment dwellers. With their adorable wrinkled faces and bat-like ears, they’ll steal your heart without exhausting you with endless playtime.

2: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Royalty at Rest

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or simply the “Cavalier,” is a small breed with a big heart. Known for their gentle disposition, Cavaliers enjoy lounging by your side and receiving affection. Their silky, feathered coats and expressive eyes make them irresistible companions for those seeking a loving, low-energy pet.

3: Shih Tzu – The Fluffy Zen Master

Shih Tzus are fluffy bundles of serenity. With their long, flowing coats and friendly personalities, they make for excellent lap dogs. These little dynamos might not be up for strenuous activities, but they’ll provide an abundance of love and affection.

4: Pekingese – Regal and Reserved

The Pekingese, once cherished by Chinese royalty, is a dignified and low-energy breed. Their luxurious, flowing manes and regal demeanor make them a true “couch potato” companion. Despite their aristocratic history, they’re down-to-earth and devoted to their human families.

5: Basset Hound – Slow and Steady Wins the Heart

The Basset Hound is known for its droopy eyes, long ears, and a nose that can sniff out the faintest scents. While they may be slow in physical activity, they’re quick to steal your affections. Their relaxed nature and loyal disposition make them excellent companions for those with a more tranquil lifestyle.

6: English Bulldog – Endearing and Easygoing

English Bulldogs are stocky and strong but certainly not high-energy. These lovable dogs are content with short walks and ample snuggle time. With their distinctive wrinkled faces and charming personalities, they’ll become your devoted sidekicks in no time.

7: Pug – Playful Charm in a Compact Package

Pugs are known for their playful and affectionate nature. They might enjoy the occasional burst of energy, but they’re equally content to curl up on the couch with you. Their wrinkled faces and expressive eyes exude warmth and friendliness, making them an ideal low-energy companion.


Choosing a low-energy small dog breed can bring comfort and companionship into your life without the need for excessive exercise. The 8 breeds mentioned above offer not only adorable appearances but also the temperament and personality traits that match a more relaxed lifestyle. Whether you opt for the easygoing French Bulldog or the regal Pekingese, you’ll find a loyal and loving companion that’s perfect for your low-energy lifestyle.


Q1: Are all low-energy small dog breeds good for apartment living?

A1: While many low-energy small dog breeds are well-suited for apartment living, it’s essential to consider individual breed characteristics and your living situation. Some may adapt better than others, so it’s always best to research specific breeds and consult with breeders or rescue organizations for guidance.

Q2: Do low-energy dogs still require regular exercise?

A2: Yes, even low-energy dogs need some exercise to stay healthy and happy. Though they don’t require as much physical activity as high-energy breeds, short walks and interactive playtime are essential to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Q3: Can low-energy dogs be trained?

A3: Absolutely! Low-energy dogs are often quite trainable because they are more focused and less distracted by excess energy. Consistent and positive reinforcement training methods work well with these breeds.

Q4: Are low-energy small dogs good with children?

A4: Many low-energy small dog breeds can be excellent companions for children, but it depends on the individual dog’s temperament and socialization. Always supervise interactions between dogs and children and choose a breed known for its patience and gentle nature.

Q5: How can I ensure my low-energy dog remains healthy?

A5: Regular vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and moderate exercise are key to keeping your low-energy dog healthy. Also, provide mental stimulation through toys and puzzles to keep their minds engaged. Remember that even though they’re low-energy, they still need love, attention, and social interaction to thrive.

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