Top 9 Beachside Restaurants for Female Surfers

Introduction: For female surfers, the thrill of riding the waves is often accompanied by the desire for a well-deserved meal in a relaxed beachside setting.

Whether you’re catching waves and seeking a hearty breakfast, refueling with a satisfying lunch, or winding down after a day in the surf, beachside restaurants offer the ideal ambiance.

Here, we’ve curated a list of the top 9 beachside restaurants around the world that cater to female surfers, providing nourishing meals and a welcoming environment.

Beach Burrito Company – Bondi Beach, Australia:

Located at the iconic Bondi Beach, the Beach Burrito Company offers a vibrant and laid-back atmosphere for surfers to unwind. The menu is filled with delicious Mexican-inspired dishes, perfect for replenishing energy after a surf session. The friendly staff and colorful decor add to the overall enjoyable experience.

Dukes Waikiki – Honolulu, Hawaii:

Dukes Waikiki is a legendary beachside restaurant in Hawaii, where female surfers can enjoy a blend of Hawaiian and international cuisine. With stunning oceanfront views and a relaxed vibe, this restaurant is a favorite among surfers for its fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails.

The Surf Lodge – Montauk, New York:

Nestled along the shores of Montauk, The Surf Lodge provides a quintessential beach dining experience. Female surfers can savor locally sourced dishes while taking in the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant often hosts live music and events, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

La Mar Cebicheria – Lima, Peru:

In the heart of Lima, right by the Pacific coast, La Mar Cebicheria offers a delightful array of ceviche and Peruvian seafood delights. Female surfers can relish the unique flavors of Peru while enjoying the relaxed ambiance and sea breeze.

The Beach Shack – Uluwatu, Bali:

Uluwatu is a renowned surf spot, and The Beach Shack caters to the surf culture. With a laid-back vibe and a menu focused on healthy, nutritious options, this beachside eatery is perfect for female surfers seeking a blend of wellness and great food.

The Gallery – Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom:

The Gallery in Newquay, Cornwall, is known for its ocean views and hearty meals. Female surfers can indulge in classic British seafood and a variety of international dishes, all while overlooking the Atlantic coast.

Boathouse on the Bay – Long Beach, California:

Boathouse on the Bay offers a picturesque waterfront dining experience for female surfers visiting Long Beach. The menu includes an array of seafood options and modern American cuisine, making it an ideal spot to refuel and relax.

Bilbao Berria – Barcelona, Spain:

Overlooking the Barceloneta Beach, Bilbao Berria is a popular beachside restaurant in Barcelona. It offers a fusion of traditional Basque flavors and contemporary twists, ensuring female surfers enjoy a diverse culinary experience by the Mediterranean Sea.

Dune Deck Cafe – Lantana, Florida:

Situated on the shores of Lantana Beach, the Dune Deck Cafe is known for its beachfront dining and an expansive menu featuring delicious breakfast and lunch options. Female surfers can grab a meal here and bask in the sun’s warmth while reliving their surf adventures.


These beachside restaurants offer not only delicious meals but also a perfect blend of relaxation and seaside ambiance for female surfers.

From exotic flavors in Peru to the laid-back vibe of Bali, each spot provides a unique experience that adds to the joy of a day spent catching waves. So, after riding the waves, head to these beachside eateries for a delightful dining experience.

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