07 Tips on How to Open Your Heart Chakra

Opening your heart chakra can offer numerous benefits for your lifestyle, but many people aren’t aware of the benefits that opening their heart chakras can offer, nor how to go about opening their heart chakras effective. 

To this end, we’ll be looking today at what the heart chakra is and how you can open your heart chakra to make the most of your happiness and productivity.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra, which is otherwise referred to as anahata in Sanskrit, is the fourth primary chakra and is represented by the element of air. The predominant role of the heart chakra is to provide a center for love. 

This love is true both for ourselves and for others. And so, the heart chakra plays a pivotal role in factors such as our feelings of self love and how well we form friendships with other people and the like. 

Along this line, if the heart chakras should get blocked, you could find your relationships and your sense of self worth and self appreciation getting strained.

Many people who read chakras also have an interest in the meaning behind numbers and how this can influence your life. 

For example, by opening your heart chakra, you’ll open the way to greater self love and happiness in your life; this is sometimes accompanied by the number 222 angel number, which is a reminder of long term success and happiness.

How to Open the Heart Chakra: 7 Top Tips

1 Try Meditation

Meditation is used in a huge number of different practices, and it can also be highly effective for opening your heart chakra too. 

Indeed, while wearing comfortable clothing, find a quiet and soothing space and attempt to meditate, either alone or through guided meditation. The peace you experience may help you on the way to opening your heart chakra.

2 Surround Yourself with Green

This might sound like a strange tip. However, the heart chakra is associated with the color green. 

And, to this end, surrounding yourself with green – be it green colors or green foods – may help bolster the connection you feel to your heart chakra. In turn, this may make it easier to open your heart chakra when the time is right.

3 Try Mantras

An effective way to open your heart chakra is chanting. Indeed, for many people, chanting can offer a variety of benefits – and as such, this may be something that you could try as well. 

The mantra for the heart chakra that best connects is YAM. This chant can be spoken aloud or otherwise under your breath; it doesn’t matter which you choose; whichever makes you more comfortable is fine.

4 Try to Avoid Feelings of Jealousy or Distrust

It might be easier said than done, but avoiding feelings of jealousy towards or distrust of others can be a good way to begin opening your heart chakra. 

Such feelings can be majorly limiting for efforts to open your heart chakra, so doing your best to brush these away may help.

5 Mix With Others

The fourth heart chakra is the chakra for love – so, make sure you mix with others when you can to boost your own feelings of love and happiness. 

6 Be Patient

We cannot stress highly enough how crucial it is to remain patient. Opening your heart chakra can take time, but you must stay patient if you want to be successful in doing so.

7 Affirmations

Affirmations are hugely important, as they can help create the feelings of positivity associated with the heart chakra. 

This is similar to the meaning of angel number 2, which is representative of balance, harmony, and love in your life and which usually accompanies periods of self reflection and thoughtfulness.


Opening the heart chakra doesn’t need to be impossible. Following the above seven tips may help you succeed in opening your own chakras. But remember – don’t give up, and you will get there one day!

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