Best Astrology Apps for Horoscopes and Birth Chart 2022

No one will deny that good preparation is the foundation for future success. Thus, more and more people regularly study their horoscopes for the near future. The only problem is finding the best astrology apps, which will help in getting the desired result quickly and efficiently.

To save your time and make it easier to find relevant horoscope apps, we decided to tell in this review about the best astrological applications that have repeatedly proven their accuracy. Among them are new mobile apps offered by the specialists of the website – one of the best companies engaged in the development of high-quality applications. Take the time to study the material below.

Top 15 Astrology Apps to Review Your Birth Chart 

Check out the compiled list. Each of the applications described below deserves the title of the best.


This useful app allows you to receive the accurate calculation of the natal chart 2022 by birth date with short decryption. Individual decryption comprises:

  • Rising sign;
  • Planets in the houses;
  • Planets in zodiac signs;
  • Aspects of the planets.

Pay attention that the graphic representation of a cosmogram usually includes all known astrological planets that are related to the moment of your birth. It is very important to indicate the exact birth time. If it is unknown, indicate 12.00. This time is specially reserved for such cases. If you were born at exactly 12:00, then set 12.01. Do not forget to also indicate the nearest settlement to your place of birth. If such an item is not found in the list, try entering it in the search bar.

Sanctuary Astrology

This best astrology app provides the ability to communicate with professional astrologers in real-time. They, based on the star map, help users to deal with life’s difficulties or the influence of the planets and also make up daily horoscopes. Sanctuary Astrology is a real must-have in every smartphone!


This app uses a sky map with an accurate place and time of birth. NASA data allows tracking the current movements of the planet. AI matches all important data to provide users with a clear personalized horoscope. You can even use personality analysis tailored to your astrological chart.

This unique feature has earned the app praise from a variety of publications including Vogue, Cosmo, Guardian, Buzzfeed, etc. According to the application, the specific Moon moments, planets in the solar system, as well as the 12 houses of the zodiac represent / influence various parts of your personal life. For example, the Sun of Aries will be influenced by the moon of Libra or the rising of Virgo. Thus, it offers compatibility between planets and real-time updates to planetary motion.

The Pattern

The application will allow you to better understand yourself. You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, find out what prevents you from achieving success, sort out your fears and life stages. How does it work? It’s simple. First, you enter your name, date, place, and time of your birth into the app. Based on this data, the program gives you your personal astrological guide, developed by professional astrologers and psychologists.

By the way, you can enter information not only about yourself but also about any other person. For example, about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, you can study the character or find out what pitfalls can await you in a relationship with this person, and how to recognize and overcome them.


By downloading the app, you will get a personal astrologer. It can daily prepare predictions by the birth date, draw up horoscopes, analyze the compatibility of zodiac signs, and answer any questions. You can ask when you will get married, get a promotion, win the lottery, or learn Spanish. And the best astrologers in the world will answer you.


This simple paid app will tell you when to update your wardrobe, get a haircut, or make big purchases. In fact, Thorn as a basic lunar calendar offers daily information on the phases of the satellite and its influence on the signs of the zodiac. It also gives astrological recommendations. You can find tips not only for today or tomorrow but also for any date until the end of 2029. This will allow you to plan your travels or even your wedding day in advance.

After downloading the application, you need to specify complete information about yourself, as well as the time zone in which you live. To read explanations about the influence of the Moon on your zodiac sign, just click on the section of interest in the menu.


This is a comprehensive report on your best natal chart, daily and monthly horoscopes, zodiac sign compatibility, and retrograde calendars. Astronatrix has everything you need to make your life easier. By specifying the precise date, time, and place of birth, users can immediately receive a forecast based on the Sun position. In addition, this free natal chart compatibility app can calculate your transit planets and houses to tell you when you get rich, meet the love of your life, and face the most difficult emotional problems.

Daily Horoscope

This is a free zodiac app that compiles a horoscope every day based on the main characteristics of the signs. Reading the information provided by the application is very funny. For example, if you are an Aquarius, then you will be treated as a Child of Aquarius. Moreover, Daily Horoscope provides users with the ability to check compatibility with a partner.


If you have one or more exciting questions, you should definitely use this application. Its main purpose is to help users make important decisions in all areas of life. The astrologer will provide you with the best free natal chart interpretation, highlight key aspects, and give a detailed answer. All questions and answers are completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

The daily horoscope compiled by ADASRTA will help you plan your day according to the recommendations of a professional.

Time Passages

After reading the name of the app, you probably guessed that it allows you to quickly and efficiently track the past time. With its help, you can determine the influence of the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs on your personal life. In addition to the daily horoscope, iPhone and iPad users receive a description of the location of the house for the Sun and Moon on a map. You can set the application preferences to use the default location. It is also possible to use the GPS of a smartphone. This will allow mapping your current position and as a result, presenting you with current astrology.

Do not forget to check the phases of the Moon and the periods of Mercury retrograde on the screen of your house. In addition, as part of paid services, you may also compare birth charts with current transits. Do not worry that you may encounter difficulties while using the application. Thanks to the extensive astrological glossary, it is perfect for both experienced users and beginners.


iHoroscope is a unique application that allows users to get an actual horoscope for a year, month, week, day. Having received a comprehensive prediction, you should also turn your attention to what the planets are planning for your love life, career, or friendship. If you want to know what the coming autumn will be like, you can easily prepare a seasonal horoscope.

If you are interested in the Chinese horoscope, be sure to check it out in the app. You have a unique opportunity to have a conversation with professional astrophysicists, with the help of which you can study your future. It is not difficult to choose a psychic. The choice is usually based on the subject of the request.


This application allows you not only to calculate natal charts for yourself and other people but also to make charts for any place and time so you can truly immerse yourself in astrology. TimeNomad is available for iOS completely free of charge.


AstroSage is a useful natal chart compatibility app for those who want to expand practice into Vedic astrology and study own birth chart in this area. The app offers an extensive amount of personalized information based on your traffic. But the most important thing is that everything is absolutely free. You just need to download AstroSage and start creating a natal chart.


Download the Midheaven mobile app, allowing yourself to find out what fate awaits you. An accurately calculated algorithm and ancient knowledge of the constellations will help you make an accurate forecast for the future, identifying important moments in your life. The horoscope will tell you what you need to pay attention to.

Horoscopes for Android from Midheaven offer several forecasts: lunar, zodiacal, and personal following your natal chart. The program will easily determine your zodiac sign, constellation, and features of your element. You will be able to make a rating of compatibility between signs in three areas: luck, love, and business. In order not to miss new daily horoscopes, enable notifications in the settings.


If you want to get a personal astrologer for free, then download the Astronym mobile app, which contains a huge number of horoscopes. It includes:

  • Daily free astrological forecasts;
  • Lunar horoscope with recommendations for every day;
  • Japanese forecast;
  • Tests for zodiac sign compatibility.

The horoscope is presented in a modern and understandable design. So, everyone who has downloaded the program will be able to deal with the functionality. The developers have provided for a change in design during use. A personal helper will tell you about all the events in your life.

Carefully study the features of each of the above applications. Choose for yourself the one that you like the most. It will help you plan your life and solve problem situations quickly and efficiently!

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