8 High Sugar Bottled Iced Tea Brands

Iced tea has long been a popular beverage choice, especially during warmer seasons. However, not all bottled iced teas are created equal.

Some brands pack a surprising amount of sugar into their bottles, potentially compromising your health goals.

In this article, we’ll highlight eight high-sugar bottled iced tea brands to help you make more informed beverage choices.

1. SweetTea Bliss

SweetTea Bliss boasts a refreshing taste but hides a considerable amount of added sugars. With nearly 30 grams of sugar per serving, this brand tops our list for high-sugar content.

2. SugarSplash Delight

SugarSplash Delight markets itself as a delicious and satisfying iced tea option. However, be wary of its sugar content, which can be as high as 25 grams per bottle.

3. FlavorFusion Fusion Tea

FlavorFusion’s unique tea blends may be appealing, but they come at a cost. Some varieties contain up to 22 grams of sugar per serving, making it a high-sugar option to be mindful of.

4. SweetBrew Elixir

SweetBrew Elixir prides itself on its rich and flavorful teas. Unfortunately, it also contains a significant amount of sugar, often exceeding 20 grams per bottle.

5. SugarRush Summer Brew

SugarRush Summer Brew is a popular choice for those seeking a sweet and refreshing iced tea experience. However, it can pack up to 24 grams of sugar per serving, making it a high-sugar contender.

6. Sip’nSweet Quencher

Sip’nSweet Quencher offers a wide range of flavors to suit various palates. Yet, with an average sugar content of 23 grams per bottle, it’s essential to be aware of the added sugars.

7. Honeyed Harmony Tea

Honeyed Harmony Tea touts the natural sweetness of honey in its blends. While this may be appealing, some varieties can contain up to 28 grams of sugar per serving.

8. NectarNook Nectar Tea

NectarNook Nectar Tea may sound like a healthier option, but some of its varieties can have as much as 26 grams of sugar per bottle, placing it among the high-sugar contenders.

Making Informed Choices

When selecting a bottled iced tea, it’s crucial to check the nutrition label for sugar content. Opting for brands with lower sugar options or exploring unsweetened varieties can help you enjoy this refreshing beverage without compromising your health goals.

Additionally, consider exploring homemade iced tea options using natural sweeteners or sugar alternatives for a healthier alternative.

By being aware of the sugar content in these popular bottled iced tea brands, you can make more informed choices about which beverages align with your dietary preferences and health objectives. Remember, moderation is key, and being mindful of your sugar intake can contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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