4 Simple Ways To Reward Yourself For A Job Well Done

When was the last time you asked yourself how were you doing? Why is so difficult to always value people around you than you value yourself? Self-neglect in any aspect can be fundamentally damaging. A kind of mindset where you are your own worst critic and you constantly humiliate yourself for the tiniest things will only ruin your self-consciousness and destroy your self-esteem.

So, there are some things to be changed. Firstly, pretend as if you like yourself. Once you start pretending, you will start accepting small bots of your personality. With this pretending, you will realize that there are some following feelings. Do small acts of kindness towards yourself and increase your worth.

You will not be able to recognize someone else’s value unless you recognize your own. In the following, you may find some pieces of advice on how to treat yourself better and reward yourself for every small achievement.

Tips for Choosing Your Reward 

  • Do not pick up a reward that is less than your achievement.
  • Pick a remarkable reward. Something that will comply with your achievements and motivate you to do even better. 
  • Decide on the reward you can achieve quickly.
  • Beware that rewards do not have to cost you anything, find the pleasure in the small things that will make you happy. 
  • Pick a reward according to your taste. Focus on yourself and try to invest this time to satisfy your own needs. 

Make Your Favourite Food 

Food is well known as the best therapy and reward. There is no occasion in life that is not celebrated with some nice lunch, dinner, or, generally, a meal. Cook for yourself. Give yourself small moments of satisfaction.

Treat yourself to the business well handled. The time you invest into preparing is only yours. The time you give yourself instead to the others. It is of the utmost importance to be at peace with yourself and to be happy alone.

Pretend you are making it for someone you love a lot and pretend that you are someone worth making it. Food has the power to turn on serotonin, the hormone of happiness. So be happy while preparing it, even if you are not much of a cook.

In case you have no inspiration, you can easily deal with the situation. Use the Internet and find your perfect recipe. So cooking is one of the ways to reward yourself after finishing some demanding task. 

Buy Yourself a Gift 

Never neglect your needs. Remember, you are the most important person in your life. Depending on your budget, make a list of the things you need and want to have. If you’re into trading cards, why don’t you treat yourself with a rare card you always wanted. Or better yet, protect your collection with some custom card sleeves.

There are companies online that offer custom card sleeves, just visit their website and check their offer. Make a small souvenir that will always remind you of your achievement. It can be something simple and small. The point is to create a memory.

Watch Your Favourite Movie or TV Show

Even though you really enjoy watching these and it makes you forget the present moment for even a spare second, you can never watch these without feeling some kind of guilt. You will always judge yourself for not investing your time better, even after the long working day. Do not do this to yourself.

Make it a routine. Whenever you finish your job, handle some difficult task, win a new business, go and watch that movie. You can always go to the cinema and see what they offer. Guilt-free. Keep in mind that you had your job done. This is your time. 

Go for a Long Walk

Physical activity provides you with new energy for managing your tasks. If you are having a hard time while dealing with your job and feel stuck for a moment or want to appraise yourself for being your own superhero. Go and have a nice long walk. This is a meaningful reward since it benefits your health.

It will help you relax and have a peaceful time. It will breathe you in a new spirit and clear vision. It can serve you as a beautiful present but also can be very productive for your future tasks. Nice long walks are a fruitful time, for all three, your mind, body, and soul.

Your mind, body, and soul are your temple. You have to take care of it. Make yourself happy for every small thing you achieve. Treat yourself with special care, because you deserve it. 

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