What Astrology Can Teach Us About Self-Acceptance

Cynics tend to dismiss astrology as hokey-pokey that isn’t real, but it’s actually quite powerful. A simple testament to astrology’s power is that even those cynics know their own Zodiac sign. But let’s go deeper into the stars and their power; that’s where things get really interesting.

We are, of course, much more than our Zodiac sign (commonly, this is our sun sign). Traits common to a sign are not our absolute fate, after all. However, psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed claims that we actually have all of our sign’s traits. It’s just which ones we choose to act on that’s always dynamically changing.

Jennifer Freed uses relational astrology to show how we interact with the world around us and with each other. This is great for helping us navigate all of life’s ups and downs. When you know your place in the cosmos, everything else seems that much simpler. Daily life feels more manageable and understandable that way.

Freed theorizes that enlightenment starts when you recognize all of your good and bad personality traits. Afterward, one must take a sober and difficult inventory of those traits. Determination of which ones serve us and which ones don’t follow right after. It’s hard for sure, and it’s definitely a painful process. However, Freed says that on the other side of that self-reflection, true self-acceptance and belonging exist.

Everything is Where it Should Be

Self-acceptance certainly means that you should accept your flaws. When we say accept your flaws, we mean that you should make peace with them. It does NOT mean that you should never attempt to change them or better yourself.

Mutable signs like Gemini and Virgo are relatively good at this because they can flexibly accept change. Any of the signs can be dangerous Zodiac signs when they stubbornly resist change or resist acknowledging their flaws. Accepting yourself means embracing both the light and the shadow aspects of the twelve Zodiac signs.

Owning up to all of your divine self’s aspects is the true path to self-acceptance and true integration. It is self-centered and a mistake to assume that you are the sole possessor of your flaws. Assuming the same about your gifts is a similar mistake. Doing that only creates isolation and separation.

What we need to understand is that all of us contain universal strengths and weaknesses. Every single one of us, without exception. None of those qualities are meant to vex us or put us on a pedestal over others. When we understand this, true peace with our ever-shifting selves becomes possible.

A whole universe of behaviors and feelings resides as potential within us. We bear the constant task of choosing which ones to act on. It is not possible to perpetually avoid disappointing yourself or others. This is an impossible standard. We all slip and fail to meet our standards of excellence sometimes.

This doesn’t serve as an excuse for purposeful mediocrity, however. Perfection is impossible and we should know that. We should also practice asking for mercy and forgiveness for our mistakes. Still, rigorous self-inventory is an important part of self-acceptance. Cultivate yourself and have empathy for others in their mistakes.

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