Spiritual Practices and Their Influence on Students Learning Skills

Spiritual practices can make students attain their learning goals by making them feel more confident when managing their activities. Coping with emotions and stress offers strength to deal with difficult situations such as learning and completing assignments when time is limited.

Compassion, as an element of spirituality, creates a means through which students develop interpersonal relationships and effective communication skills as well as empathy. The more the students attain personal development skills through spiritual practices, the more responsible and effective they become. 

Mystical spiritual practice: Learning when traveling

Many students love to travel during their free time or as part of their learning experiences. 

In some cases, they are pressured to study abroad for a while, even if they don’t feel like it. When it comes to academic cheating according to religions, it is all about an individual’s opinion. The students who feel that cheating leads to some element of guilt may also be ashamed if they decide to do it. 

So it is better for them to make some effort to improve their learning skills instead of feeling guilty about cheating. Even if they spend a lot of time traveling abroad, they will study hard for exams and overcome the shame that comes with cheating. 

The attitude of creating a destiny

Many students expect to have total control of their lives as they work towards achieving their learning goals. They are required to make many choices, but some don’t belong to communities that support specific choices. They feel that they are responsible for all choices, so they have a feeling that they can create their own destiny. This increases burdens among students with problems relating to health, study, death, and relationships.

When a student is going through some life difficulties, someone needs to check on them constantly for guidance. If they are encouraged to talk to someone as they seek encouragement, they can heal faster and be able to continue with their learning activities.

Another way to help them grow and overcome difficulties is by suggesting some Bible study apps for teens that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. These apps offer many features that appeal to teenagers, including instant access to Bible passages, sharing thoughts and comments with friends, and personalization options. Bible study apps can also help teenagers to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, will improve their inner well-being, and provide them with confidence. 

In addition, diving into self-help can be a good way of figuring out your destiny. Browse through diverse literary genres to find which contributes to your inner dialogue the most. Through new information or familiar ideas that have been reiterated, you may discover new perspectives.

The fear of loss prompts students to plead for help

Students are always required to do their best in all their academic endeavors. They are pressured by the university or the government to study efficiently, faster, and for long hours. They engage in spiritual practices that consume a lot of their time as they seek to attain good results. As such, they are not able to spare enough time to complete their research papers and related assignments. 

Completing an essay or a research paper can be quite stressing especially when time is limited, or there is a need to engage in some spiritual practices. As a student wishing to create free time to learn more about your spiritual experiences, you can buy custom research paper from Edubirdie. You will not need to waste spiritual energy on unnecessary activities and will also be assured of quality. Professional writing services guarantee authenticity and originality and subsequently good grades for students.


Intellectual spirituality: justice and spirituality

Many students are concerned with justice and spirituality but the level of concern differs between individuals. They have a personal engagement and are more practical about their academic projects such that they go beyond what is ideal.

The students’ commitments to projects are based on their spiritual practices as they visit different places in the course of their studies. They can invest a lot of energy and time in academic projects and this may expose them to great learning experiences. Some are willing to be committed to social justice projects as they pursue justice and spirituality. 

Open-mindedness and social justice

Some students are ecumenically minded and less active believers who are committed to the issues of social justice. The group that engages in minimal spiritual practices is small and they are often concerned about their academic, secular surroundings and spiritual identity.

This group is also insecure about their faith contents- even if they claim to be Christians, they are constantly exploring what that means. They are also positively connected to their faith and regard the church community as their source of inspiration. For them, a short group discussion could be a great community experience to promote learning. Many feel the urge to continue floating between different communities as they seek a diverse sense of belonging and better learning experiences. 


There are diverse views and impressions concerning the students’ attitudes to spiritual practices and life in general. Through these spiritual practices, students can view life differently and improve their learning skills. Taking care of spiritual health is as important as taking care of physical health, so students should identify the best practices depending on their circumstances. They should also seek spiritual experiences that contribute towards the achievement of their academic goals. 

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