Numerology Guide For Beginners: What Your Birth Date Can Tell You

Many of us have favorite numbers or numbers which always seem to pop up in our lives. Proponents of Numerology believe that these kinds of numbers are very important for a whole range of aspects of your life, personality, past, and future.

Numerology can help you to know yourself and others at a deeper level, understand more about your natural abilities and shortcomings, and make positive decisions in your life. If you are already in touch with your star sign and the power of your Zodiac, then you will find it very easy to get into Numerology. 

To help everyone understand more about the power of Numerology, here is what your birth date can tell you.

Which Important Numbers are Based on Your Birth Date?

There are five numbers in Numerology known as your “Core Numbers” because of their importance. You’ll learn on this site that two of these Core Numbers are calculated using your date of birth; your Life Path Number, and your Birthday Number. While the other three Core Numbers are calculated using the letters in your birth name; your Soul Urge Number, Expression Number, and Personality Number.

Your Birthday Number

Your Birthday Number is the simplest of all the important Numerology Core Numbers to identify because it is literally the day of the month you were born. If you were born on November 27th, for example, your Birthday Number is 27. Every Birthday Number is considered to have its own unique qualities and energy which are inherent to the person born on that day: 

1 – Great Leaders
2 – Natural Peacemakers
3 – Creative People
4 – Down to Earth
5 – Free Thinkers
6 – Self-Sacrificing
7 – Wisdom Seekers
8 – Value Balance in Life
9 – Aware of Global Issues
10 – Assertive People
11 – Curious about Everything
12 – Expressive People
13 – Reliable Friends and Family
14 – Adventurous Personalities
15 – Great Parental Instincts
16 – Ability to Bounce Back from Adversity
17 – Able to Stay Emotionally Detached
18 – Opportunistic
19 – Fiercely Independent

20 – Peacemakers
21 – Imaginative
22 – Practical and Innovative
23 – Highly Versatile
24 – Natural Teachers and Mentors
25 – Interested in Spiritual Growth
26 – Balance Between Spirit and Matter

27 – Inspirational Leaders
28 – Self-Empowering
29 – Psychic Abilities
30 – Expressive in Performance
31 – Hard Workers

Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number, as can be gathered from its name, is very important for the journey which you embark on during your lifetime. Calculating this number will help you to understand more clearly about events which happen in your life and what you need to do to get on in life. There are nine Life Path Numbers with values between one and nine, as well as three Master numbers that have double digits.  

Start by laying out these numbers like this:




To calculate Elvis’s Life Path Number we add multiple digit numbers together. Elvis’s birthday and month are already single-digit numbers so we just need to reduce his year:


We then add these two digits together:


After that, we need to add the three digits together like this:


Finally, by adding the 1 and 8 together, we can get Elvis’s Life Path Number:


The only time when you don’t reduce the number down to single digits is if the last number is 11, 22, or 33. These are Master Numbers and have the same traits as the sum of their digits, only to a far greater extent. A person with a Life Path Number of 33 for example, will be like a supercharged Number 6 person.

The Traits of Different Life Path Numbers

  • Number Ones are usually good leaders and are proactive in their life goals.
  • Number Twos are natural leaders and are great at inspiring others. Master Number Eleven people have heightened versions of these traits.
  • Number Threes are very creative and are excellent at seeing a project to its conclusion. 
  • Number Fours always work hard and are very practical. Master Number Twenty Twos have these same traits but to a more extreme degree.
  • Number Fives are adventurous and never shy away from difficult decisions. 
  • Number Sixes are empathetic and always support the people around them. These characteristics are also true for Number Thirty Threes. 
  • Number Sevens have analytical minds and have a great eye for detail. 
  • Number Eights are very goal-driven and ambitious.
  • Number Nines are very wise and are good at giving advice. 

Numerology can be so useful in so many ways in helping you to live a positive life. Your Birthday Number and Life Path Number can help you understand so much about yourself and the rest of the world. Use the information in this article so that you can calculate your core numbers today. 

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