Meaning of The Death Tarot Card

When The Death Tarot appears in people’s reading, they fear it and take the meaning literally. Death very rarely indicates a physical one and mainly shows the period of change, transformation and, breakthroughs.

The major arcana or the trump card of the tarot decks come right after the hanged man. The Person has developed new perspectives with the Hanged man and is all set to break the old patterns and behaviors with The Death.

It is a card of rebirth and transformation, and whenever it appears in your reading, your life is going to change to 180 degrees.

Symbolism/Spiritual References and meanings

A skeleton is riding adorning black armor on a white horse. The structure symbolizes the part of the body that does not decay, and the armor denotes even if you protect yourself, Death is inevitable.

Black is the color of mourning in Christianity. The white horse symbolizes birth and purity. The Death’s figure carries a flag with five petals rose painted on it, representing change with the number five and purity with the color red.

A woman is standing in front of the figure, and a bishop appears to be pleading for a person lying on the ground. They seem to avert the figure’s Death by claiming to end. Change is the theme for the card.

There also is a river in the background that embodies the legend of taking the souls through the river in a boat. 

The Death Tarot guide /general meaning

When the major arcana of Death graces your reading be willing to change and transform. It is going to be a period of immense personal growth, and you would need to break away from the shackles of yesterday.

As hanged man has developed new perspectives in life after introspection, Death urges you to cut what does not serve you and embrace the new perspectives fully.

You are advised to follow the flow of the universe and not resist change. No matter how difficult it seems for the moment, the difference is laying the foundations for many years to come.

Upright Love keywords

  • rebirth, transformation, endings

Upright Career Keywords

  • Significant changes, deteriorating wealth

Psychic revelations Keywords

  • rebirth, sudden changes

The Death Love meaning

For the people who are in a relationship, the appearance of Death can mean separation or a relationship that’s ending.

You both might want to hold on to each other, but the death card gives you the love advice to not be afraid and let go of what is not serving you.

It can also mean that relationship needs to go through a period of transformation, and if you want to make it work, you need to embrace that change.

Death can signify a moment of transition for singles, and breaking old patterns will make you find love.

The Death Career meaning

The Death card in a career-related spread urges you to embrace change. If you are not happy in your job, take out the courage to leave it.

If you are not satisfied with your work conditions, do what is necessary. The period of endings is uncertain; it is natural to feel fearful, but only by letting go of things ultimately can you make room for new things to come in your life.

Also, be mindful of your finances as The Death can signal deteriorating wealth.

The Death Health Meaning

Do not be afraid when the Death appears in a health-related spread if you have been sick for some time; the Death signifies that change is on the way.

Try meditation and mindfulness to calm your mind and embrace the change.

Reversed Death Meaning

Reversed Death Tarot card generally means that you are on the verge of a change, but you resist it.

The upside-down Death warns you that changes are inevitable. If you do not embrace change willfully, the universe will slam the changes on your face in a not-so-subtle way.

It can denote fear of new beginnings and attachment to the old ways and old patterns that have long stopped working for you. 

Reversed Hanged Man Love Keywords.

  • Dependency, inability to change 

Reversed Career Keywords

  • not taking a career leap, fear of losing money

Reversed Psychic Keywords

  • attachment to old patterns, inability to change

Reversed Death love Meaning

Reversed Death can signal that you and your partner are resisting an inevitable end of your relationship.

On a lighter note, it can also indicate that you are putting in work towards a relationship and resolve issues with a lover, so it transforms and does not come to an end.

For singles asking about an ex, and the Death appears upside down, it can be a strong signal that there would be reconciliation between the two in the future.

The reversed Death gives you love advice in a love reading to break away from old patterns and embrace change.

Reversed Death Career Meaning

The upside-down Death warns you to let go of a work situation or a career you have long last interest in.

The reversed end says that now is the proper time to make the necessary change and give up the illusion of safety ad security of your old job.

It can also warn of money problems, so you are messaged to have a plan intact.

The reversed Death appears when the change is inevitable, and you are aware of it but are still resisting it.

The Death Tarot explained:

The Death as feelings

Death as feelings can mean very deep-seated emotions that are not on the surface.

If you are inquiring how someone else feels for you and the Death appears, it can indicate that the person is closed off and emotionally unavailable.

They might also feel things between you and them have ended.

The Death in the past Position

It can indicate that you are at the beginning of a new chapter in life, and very recently, in the past, you ended one chapter of your life.

Death in the past position is an empowering one to get as it messages you that you have already done the hard work.

The Death in the Present position

The Death in the present position can indicate that changes are in the cards, and you better brace your seats.

It might be challenging to go through these changes, but they are necessary to further your life path.

The Death in Future Position

Death in an outcome position warns you that a new way of living is on the cards in the future and that changes are impending—it advices you not to fight the stream of the flow and ride along with the waves.

The Death as a person

The Person who has Death’s personality traits is someone who has a darker undertone in life. He or she carries heavy burdens in their mind and soul and reflects more serious energy to others.

It can indicate someone who has gone through a significant transformation and has developed new perspectives along the way. Friendships with such a person are not a cakewalk as they are guarded and cannot let people in.

They also have a hard time trusting people, making them complex and challenging to read people.

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