Luck Birds: The Symbolism Behind 5 of the Most Lucky Species

Birds that bring good luck? You bet! There are five species of birds that have been associated with bringing good fortune and prosperity to the people who encounter them. Keep an eye out for these five species:

The bluebird, which is traditionally seen as a symbol of happiness, hope, and love. The robin, which has come to represent both springtime and Christmas cheer. The swallow, whose arrival in early summer means warmer days are just around the corner. And finally two symbols from Asia–the phoenix bird (which represents rebirth) and the peacock (a creature said also to grant wishes).

What do these birds have in common? They’re all creatures of the sky, which itself is associated with good luck. These five species are also among some of our most colorful and beautiful animals–so there’s no doubt they’ll bring a little happiness to your life! 

The bluebird

Many Americans are familiar with the bluebird, who is often used as a symbol of peace, happiness, and good fortune.  In old folklore, it was said that the arrival of a bluebird would mean good luck and fortune for those who saw them. Bluebirds are a symbol of the innocence inside of all of us. They remind you to never lose your kindness and inner child because these traits make you a better person in this cruel world we live in.

The swallow

The swallow bird, which typically returns to Europe in early summer, has come to symbolize the arrival of good luck and prosperity. The story goes that when swallows arrive it means all will be well for those who are suffering or have experienced bad luck during the winter months. A more modern legend says that if you welcome a swallow into your home with open arms then happiness is on its way!

You may also remember this little rhyme:  “Swallows, Swallows fly south/For Winter’s here I know!/We’ll meet again next year/Somewhere sunny over there!” According to folklore, if someone hears these words from their mother before they turn seven years old then they will someday find love and live happily ever after.

The swallow is also a symbol of putting old things behind you and moving forward. They have been seen as omens for new beginnings, which makes them an excellent luck charm when starting something fresh!

The phoenix

The phoenix is one of the most important birds in Chinese mythology. It has the ability to resurrect itself and also represents rebirth, renewal, resurrection–all positive things when it comes to money luck! The legend goes that there was once a huge fire that threatened to destroy an ancient city. All seemed lost until out of nowhere came this beautiful bird who landed on top of a pine tree right at the center of where the flames were licking up against its bark. Everyone thought their lives would come to end but then moments later, all fires fizzled away into nothingness because they had reached their source-the epicenter where life began again with this magical bird leading the way for good fortune and prosperity!

The peacock

The peacock is another symbol of good luck and prosperity. It has come to represent the ability for humans to spread their own wings (figuratively speaking) and take flight towards success in life. Just like the mythical phoenix, the magnificent colors of its tail feathers symbolize good fortune for your home or business–especially if you have a garden that it can live in!

The peacock is also a symbol of good fortune because it was once said that they would grant wishes. In ancient times, people used to believe these majestic creatures had the ability to make their dreams come true and this led them to develop an affinity for the bird as a result–making them feel like anything can happen if you put your mind (and heart) into making something big and beautiful happen in life!

These are just five examples of birds who bring luck and prosperity with them wherever they go. On top of all those great qualities though, there’s one more thing we love about our feathered friends: how easy it is to track down any type of lucky charm when you know where to look! That way, not only will you be able to bring good luck into your life, but you’ll never have to worry about losing it either.

How do these birds of luck benefit you?

These five lucky species remind us all about keeping an open heart toward other people while keeping our eyes on bigger goals so we know what direction we should be moving in when bad things happen during this journey called life. These symbols (find here more examples of bird symbolism) also act as reminders that happiness doesn’t always come from material possessions because sometimes kindness goes a long way than you could ever imagine.

So, whether it’s the swallow or the phoenix that has won over your heart perhaps one of these other three bird species will strike a chord with you and bring out all those positive vibes we’re always talking about: just remember to keep an open mind towards anything that can help us live our best lives!

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