Little Known Details About the Bible That Will Pleasantly Surprise You

Bible – The World’s Most Famous Book Ever

Of course, there is a core message in the Bible for all. It doesn’t matter what your belief is, Bible has a lot of interesting things to learn about for everyone. It is a book compiled of historical facts and revelations of over 1000 years! Don’t believe us, read on to learn more.

It Is Written From Diverse Backgrounds.

From Royal kings to fishermen, people from many diverse occupational backgrounds have written their part in the Bible. Farmers, musicians, scribes, doctors, tentmakers, and many more are known to have put in their part in the Bible. Adding more to it is that it was written on three different continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe. There are in total 40 authors that have written in the Bible.

Bible Acknowledged That The Earth Is Round

We have known the debate between the people who say that the earth is round while others who say that is flat. The Bible that dates way back in time does indicate that the Earth is indeed round in many verses like Isaiah 40:21-22: “Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?” So there you have another great way to win this debate next time!

The Devil and His Clan

So we know about Lucifer but do you know that over 200 angels left heaven with him as he was banished? Now you might be asking yourself “Who formed the group of 7 sins that rule the planet?”, “Where does the word Satan come from?”, “Who Is Amenadiel?”, and you won’t find a lot of answers. Though there are numerous mentions about the doings of Satan, his clan and army are little spoken off. Many battles against the demon have been written about in the Bible. However, what exactly is demon-like is still unclear. Is it a two-horned figure blazing fire or are they our inner desires which lead us astray? 

Dinosaurs In The Bible

The Bible talks about large mammoth creatures that eat grass, have a strong body and a long tail. The word used to describe these beings is ‘Behemoth’ in Job 40:15-24. The literal meaning of the word behemoth is a huge and monstrous creature. The reference of a large fish that swallowed the Prophet Jonah is another good example of this theory. The purpose of these creatures is unclear but definitely supports the theory of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth.

Hardest Name In History

Biblical names have forever provided mankind with beautiful poetic names taken from prophets and kings, It is also known for providing us with the hardest name ever. The name ‘Mahershalalhashbaz’, who was the son of Isaiah is the longest ever and means “Swift are the spoils, Speedy is the Plunder’. How’s that name for the next tongue-twister you need to for improving your motor skill. 

Business Lesson From The Bible

The Bible has lessons for all types of experiences be it for those who are feeling depressed or those who are looking for happiness. Interesting learning comes from the Bible is the lesson to be learned for good business. The Bible states that if you are lazy and don’t work hard on your goals, you will be faced with poverty. This easily relates to the business challenges faced now wherein one has to be diligent to attain financial stability. 

Women Power In Bible

If you think women empowerment is a calling from recent times, the Bible will prove you otherwise. Strong women’s presence in the Bible is mentioned through names like Mary, Eve, Mary Magdalene, Deborah and so many more. These women went around and brought changes that are remembered centuries later. They were strong and fearless in the face of some of the most dangerous situations. Wonder where the idea of Super Woman came from? I think we know now.

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Bible reading has various positive benefits. It helps you become stronger when faced with adversity. Many stories in the Bible come with examples where the situation is grave and how it is solved in a witty but acceptable way. Reading to children daily helps them believe in the right and a good way of leading life. Examples of brotherhood, love, and care create a better mind for them with the outside world. Forgiveness and compassion become important aspects that can shape their future bright. Also, improved listening skills are known by reading daily. 

Go and start ready. Fun fact, if you read every chapter in 5 minutes, it will take you less than 4 days to finish the whole Bible!

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