Influence of Breathing Practices on Students Learning

There are many situations where students feel unwanted anxiety, which can affect their performance. This is a serious issue that all students experience. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to keep calm, productive, and rational when these situations occur. 

One very effective way is to do breathing exercises. The effectiveness of this solution has yielded amazing results for both long-term and immediate stress reduction. Breathing practices will help you calm down so that you can think rationally whenever you feel strong emotions.

Positive effects on the overall wellbeing

The main effect of breathing practices doesn’t just cover your central and automatic nervous system but also your psychological wellbeing. Practicing breathing exercises can promote positive changes throughout your body. 

Behavioral and psychological outputs related to these changes include relaxation, increased comfort, vigor, pleasantness, and alertness. You will also experience a reduction in depression, anxiety, confusion, and anger.

Improves listening skills

Many students have experienced presenting in class, then realize that nobody’s interested. In such a case, you would feel that you aren’t heard or valued, even if they didn’t intentionally do this. Although you can’t stop other people from doing this, you can avoid doing the same thing to others by breathing and taking a pause before speaking. Take a few breaths to help yourself calm down.

Take a breath before you speak, especially if you feel upset. Taking a breath will create a pause to give everyone time to process what the other person said. It also shows that you’re considering what the other person said. This will make you a better listener while reducing the risk of getting into conflicts with other people.

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Promotes relaxation

If you haven’t noticed how you breathe when you feel relaxed, try doing it consciously. When you breathe while you feel relaxed, take a moment to observe how your body feels. 

You can also observe your breathing when you wake up in the morning or right before falling asleep at night or while doing yoga for students. You will discover that breathing practices can help you relax because they make your body feel the same way it does when you’re actually relaxed.

Breathing practices are one of the best ways to reduce the stress you feel in your body. Taking deep breaths will send a message to your brain to calm down. Your brain, in turn, sends this message to the rest of your body. When this happens, the symptoms you feel when you’re under stress like fast breathing, high blood pressure, and an increased heart rate all go down as you practice breathing.

Reduces test anxiety

Studies have shown that breathing practices done daily are very effective in reducing test anxiety. This means that if you’re feeling stressed because of an upcoming test, you can try to do breathing exercises to feel better.

Helps with emotional control

It’s often very challenging to talk your way out of intense emotions like anxiety, anger, or stress. You may have gone through situations when a classmate or teacher would tell you to “calm down” in heated moments. Often, this doesn’t work because in the heat of the moment, your prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain in charge of rational thinking – gets impaired. As a result, logic doesn’t help you regain control. 

Extreme stress or emotions will make it hard for you to think straight or be emotionally intelligent. You can overcome such situations with breathing practices, as these make it possible for you to gain control over your mind.

Even by taking just two deep breaths, you can already calm down enough to process the situation. That same moment will also help you keep your calm so you can determine the best courses of action.


As a student, you need various skills to achieve learning like innovation, creativity, patience, and empathy. Because of this, stress becomes a constant adversary and companion. Learning how to breathe properly when a situation calls for it is an effective way to manage your stress and improve your learning.

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