Rules And Tips On How To Use Your Crystals Correctly And Efficiently

Crystals have been in use by humans for centuries, and for good reason. They are also having a tremendous effect on our modern world.

Crystals can withhold and distribute energy, just like people, which makes them very powerful. Crystals are used for healing purposes all around the world for a long time.

Crystals were not part of the mainstream conversation for a long time, but they have come into the fray in the past few years. However, the use of crystals is far more than a trend.

Each crystal is different and unique; hence it is challenging to have rules covering all of them. On the other hand, some apply to most of them.

The following are some rules and tips on how to use crystals correctly and efficiently:

  1. Charging and Cleansing Crystals

As stated above, crystals can hold energy, but their principal purpose is to be a conduit for energy. If the crystals have been in a high energetic space for long, the energy could become stagnant, and their natural energy vibrations will decrease.

In such a case, you will need to charge your crystals. It is the energy in the crystals that heals you. However, not all crystals need charging or cleansing as they don’t hold or absorb negative energy.

If you have a crystal that does not need charging or cleansing, you can restore its energy by placing them in the moonlight. Another great tip is to bury the crystal to restore its energy balance if it gets too energy heavy.

Placing the crystal in sunlight and cleansing them with salt water is another way to recharge them. Moreover, when cleansing the crystals, it is best to do so in a way that feels most aligned with your energy.

  1. Conflicting crystals

When you are using two or more crystals, then it is possible to have crystals with conflicting energies. Conflicting crystals will not result in foul energy, but it will hinder the crystal’s ability meaning they won’t work to their full potential.

It is pretty prevalent to see people using or wearing multiple crystals. What they don’t know is that you can identify crystals that conflict and that you need experience and knowledge to place conflicting crystals.

There is no ideal combination of conflicting crystals. The combination of crystals that don’t pair well together is endless. Furthermore, it depends on the reason why you are using the crystals.

  1. Crystal Grid

A single crystal is already a powerful conduit of energy, but multiple ones can be even stronger if you know how to use them. An expert tip to using multiple crystals is to use a crystal grid.

If you want to magnify the power of a group of crystals, you should arrange them in a sacred geometrical grid. Setting up such a grid is much easier than most crystal users think.

There are crystal grid cloths that will outline exactly how you can set up the crystals. Though the patterns can be complicated, the increase in power is well worth the trouble.

  1. Carry a Crystal Regularly

The vast majority of people who use crystals have them in a specific part of their house. Though that will help increase the positive energy in your home, a tip to make crystals more effective is to carry them during the day.

The more contact you have with a particular crystal, the more aware you become of the crystal’s energy. Also, the more you have the crystal around you, the more you can benefit from its healing energy, according to crystal experts.

It would be best if you carried around a crystal with you in your pocket or purse. Whenever you need to bring your attention to the present or intend to use the crystal, you can pull it out immediately.

  1. Place Crystals on Your Body

Holding a crystal in your hand can have the desired effect, but placing it on your body can often amplify its power. It is especially so if you are using crystals for their healing energy.

If you are using the crystals to heal a specific part of your body or amplify energy in one particular region, you should place the crystal on that part. It will have a very different effect than only holding it.

Placing crystals on certain parts of the body can amplify their performance, such as the mind during meditation. Therefore, clean your crystals and place them on a body part for the best results.

Using crystals for any purpose is an issue of significant contention. More research into the subject is required, but people confidently proclaim their benefits. If you use the tips and rules above, you should use the crystals efficiently and correctly.

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