How to Realise Your Heart’s Desire According to Numerology

Understanding your heart’s desire is a privilege that not many of us have, in fact, very few of us experience absolute certainty in what our purpose in life is. As children, you may have had a sense of what your heart’s desire was but as we grow up our lives become consumed with so many other trivial matters that we can lose sight of what we actually want. It is never too late to connect with your soul, and numerology can help you to realise your heart’s desires, and here’s how. 

What Is Numerology?

First things first, we should probably start at the beginning for those who might not know what numerology is. Numerology uses your name and date of birth to calculate your core numbers. Similar to astrology, it draws meaning from our personal numbers and connects these numbers with energies.

These energies manifest as traits, and they show in our behaviors and lifestyles. For some, the idea that a number can represent energy that represents you can seem like a strange idea, however, approach it with an open mind and see if numerology can help you see what your heart really wants. There are different numbers for different parts of your personality, these include the following.

  • Life Path Numbers: This number offers insight into your purpose and mission in life, your strengths and weaknesses, and obstacles you may face. 
  • Destiny Numbers: This number often goes hand in hand with your life path number, and it is there to help you find and reach your goals. 
  • Soul Urge Numbers: This number helps you understand what your soul wants and what your heart desires. 
  • Attitude Numbers: This number helps show you how you present yourself in the world, particularly during first meetings with others.
  • Personality Numbers: This number will help you understand how other people perceive you and what they think of your personality. 
  • Birthday Numbers: This number is important as highlights to you your special talent and how you can explore and apply your talent in life.  
  • Karmic Debt Numbers: This number is related to our previous lives, it connects us with our past and current lives, and helps to understand the weight of our actions between lifetimes. This number is used to help us learn from previous wrongdoings, so that we may become a better person in our current life. 

Numerology allows you to explore and understand the behaviours, motivations, choices and actions that you take in life. Inner exploration is something that many people avoid because they are scared of what they might uncover. However, if you are not seeking to better yourself and understand yourself, then you will never be able to live your truth. 

What Is A Soul Urge Number?

A soul urge number is a number that can reveal your heart’s desires and destiny. Everyone has different numbers, meaning that everyone has different life paths to travel. Calculating your soul urge number is important because it allows you to uncover your core desires that you may have no idea even existed. Think of your soul urge number as the key to a padlock that holds personalised answers for you and your journey in life. By understanding what drives you, you are unlocking a whole new world of potential. A soul urge number can help put you on track to achieving your hopes and dreams. 

Finding out what your soul urge number is the easy part, you can do this by using a soul urge calculator, so if you are someone who is feeling lost in this world or unsure of what to do next, numerology can help you. Opening up your mind to find your true purpose and to understand your soul will not only indicate the direction you should take in life, but it will also bring you peace of mind as you can recognize your heart’s desire. 

How Do I Calculate My Soul Urge Number?

To calculate your soul urge number you need your full name, and this has to be the name assigned to you at birth. Also, it has to be your full name, and so if you have any middle names then you need to include this to get accurate results. Once you have written down your name in full, for example, WILLIAM JOHNSTONE, you then identify the vowels in your birth name. Each vowel has a numeric value that adds up to give you your soul urge number. If adding up is not your thing, then fear not as you can use a soul urge calculator as we mentioned earlier. The values of each vowel are A = 1, E = 5, I =9, O = 6, and U = 3. Sometimes Y is considered a vowel and when it is, it is number 7. 

If you are wondering why only the vowels are important here, it is because the sound of a vowel allows your words to flow freely. 

Why Should I Know My Soul Urge Number?

For some people, they do not feel the need to know what their heart’s desire is. However, this type of thinking is very closed off and can be detrimental to your personal growth and journey.

There is nothing to fear when connecting with your authentic self, and while it may be hard to stomach some truths at first, you will continue to grow in strength and perseverance.

Additionally, if you are someone who struggles with mental health, understanding your heart’s desires can help with easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The reason behind this is believed to be down to the peace that you find when you can understand what you want and how to nurture these wants and needs. 

So, if you are serious about understanding your heart’s desire then you need to uncover your soul urge number. This number will provide you insight into your deepest desires, wishes, motivations and more. It presents to you your authentic self. Take control of your life, and never doubt your instincts again, as once you know your purpose in life you will never look back. 


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