Effective ways to develop memory for college student

“Pump up” the memorization process

The associative method is the main one in the development of memory. It should be mastered by all means, because it is functional in itself and is an integral part of most methods of effective memorization. It is supposed to correlate new information with what you already know. This method is often used in the study of foreign languages, where the sound of the words correlate with similar ones in the native language.

This method can be applied to any type of information. If they are numeric values, think about whether they are similar to someone’s date of birth, or home phone number, or age. But remember, the more trivial your associations, the less likely they are to be effective. On the contrary, the more unusual the connection between the elements, and sometimes even funnier, the better it is remembered.

Reproduce small details

This method will help you find the lost thing. Everyone had a situation when you forgot your keys, phone, headphones, do your homework and so on, but in memory you can’t recover where you left them. In this case, you need to concentrate and think logically, where this thing can be. If its about homework use algebra homework help online and you’ll never missed anything.

If it is not in the checked places, then it is worth to play back in memory the last events associated with this subject, remember when you last held the lost thing and what happened afterwards. Remembering as many details as possible that accompanied the sought object, you will be able to find it.

Speak out what you need to remember

Say important information out loud to yourself, like “tomorrow at 2:35 p.m. at the dentist’s office. This way you can remember things better than if you wrote them in your diary.

Always count

Simple tasks on the calculation very well train the brain and develop logic. Thanks to this method you can disconnect from problems and routine. Currently, there are many sites on the Internet with mathematical puzzles and puzzles, forcing you to look for solutions and patterns.

Memorize price tags in stores

This skill will come in handy in life. Especially now that every chain store has regular promotions on products. You will be able to easily understand how real a discount or another commercial move. In addition, you will develop your memory and attention, you will be able to better remember information that is usually not kept in the head.

Recall the events of the day

To train your brain to give out the right information, it should be constantly trained. To do this, teach it to navigate your own “mental chambers,” where all your memories are stored. To do this, every night, before going to sleep, remember your day, down to the smallest detail.

You have to stop not only on the events that occurred, but also on the smallest details, down to who was wearing what. In this way, your brain will learn to retrieve information from your memories at the first request.

Record your dreams

Any dream is information analyzed by the brain with little refinement by the mind into understandable episodes. At this time, the brain does not make anything up, but uses only what we have seen, heard or read. It is worth writing down your dreams, so you make your brain regularly recall situations in detail. This is good for memory training.

Learn foreign languages

Learning foreign languages has a very positive effect on the development of memory and attention in adults and children. It has been proven that the volume of some parts of the brain increases when learning each foreign word. Further, as the development of knowledge increases the quality of neural connections. So don’t be lazy and do some prevention.

Download memory games on your mobile device

For memory training, the developers of mobile applications have created developmental games, in which you can pump your gray matter completely at ease and at any time. The Play Market has a large number of them, which you can choose to your liking.

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