Dreams About Crying Meaning and Interpretation

Quite often, these dreams about crying could be considered gloomy to yourself; however, crying reveals few of your emotions that you are not yet aware of and flows out some hidden pain that you’ve been holding in for long.

But the occurrence of dreaming of crying is a reminder to you to let go of yourself and feelings. Let it out what is upsetting you to let go of this helpless.

It’s time for you to stand up and solve every issue that you could not control and make peace. Dreams about crying want you to burst through all your stumbling blocks rather than bottling them up.

Hence the dreaming about crying are indeed a good omen to you, which will eventually help to stay stronger with the current situation you are going through.

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What does dreaming about crying mean?

Crying dream meaning state that you are covered in with some gloomy feeling and grief that has upset your mind and heart deeply.

Dreams of crying either relate to the past incidence of life or could either mean some sort of emotional feeling you are going through at present.

Whatever the reason be, but the situation is breaking you inside and you ought to solve cause it has gone to some other level that has disturbed your peace of mind and hampered your waking life.

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What is the spiritual meaning of a dream about crying?

The crying spiritual meaning relates straight away to your feeling and emotion that flows out in such a way.

It simply means an emotion burst-out that you wish to express someone be it love, angry, sympathy, or sorry, which you could not reveal due to specific reasons.

This constant appearance of crying dream is impelled to your emotion, which needs to be taken out no matter what the consequence would be.

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What is interpretation of dreaming about crying?

Dream interpretation of crying is related to different theses given, which are stated below as:

  • Dream about crying in my dream: If you dream about yourself crying in your dream, then definitely you are in some feeling of grief and mourning, which has upset your mind and heart.
  • Dream about someone else crying in my dream: If you see someone crying in your dream, then it might be your action and behavior that will hurt someone’s heart and eventually cry. Hence make not to commit such acts.
  • Dream of ex-husband crying in my dream: If you dream of your ex-husband always crying in your dream, then it is a good omen to considered since this separation between you two is temporary and in the coming days’ things will be shorted out in your favor. 
  • Dream of ex crying in my dream: Crying means the outburst emotion which could not be held inside anymore and flows out in such a way. If you are currently dating and seeing your ex crying in your dream repeatedly, then you fear the same reason that separated you both earlier. 
  • Dream of son crying in my dream: If you see your son coming in your vision and crying always, then your son is struggling with either work or study. He’s covered with obstacles and is the reason missing you a lot. This dream about son crying is a sign of mother-son bond and love they share.
  • Dream of a child crying in my dream: If you see a child crying in your dream, it signifies you of the love and attention you were deprived of for so long. Now you are willing that love and nurture since you are breaking down inside and crying your self.

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What is the psychological meaning of a dream about crying?

The psychological meaning of dreams about crying represents a state of your mind engulfed with grief, sorrow, sadness, and miserable.

Reasons could be many as heartbroken, or someone’s unexpected death or either being rejected could be the reason behind. Dreams about crying signify how lost you still are with the things that happened in the past or things happening today, which has left you with no words.

It has made your life miserable and cannot get quickly through it, but this time shall pass, and things will fall back to its place like it was before.

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What does seeing dreams about crying mean?

Seeing crying in dreams that someone who seems close to your heart hurts you the most sometimes. Their action and behavior affect you so badly that you often don’t express your grief and keeps bottling to yourself.

When these hidden emotions are dig in your heart then comes a time when you dreams about crying or dream yourself crying. This indicates how these feelings are affecting you emotionally and mentally.

What is the Biblical meaning of crying in dream?

The biblical meaning of crying in dream is considered as a medium of expression. An expression through which people generally convey their emotions uniquely when they cannot express it with words, but it flows out with shedding tears.

Dreams about crying signify a part of someone’s life equipped with immense pain and sorrow, which has broken them somehow. But the after effect remains inside them, which occupies their mind and heart.

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What is the symbolism of crying in dream?

The symbolism of crying in dream in your dream is concerned with an emotional breakdown that shows how you’re covered in with some miserable feeling and grief that has been upsetting your mind and heart deep inside.

Dreams about crying might relate to part of your life’s past incidence or could either mean some kind of emotional feeling you’re browsing at present.

Regardless of the reason be, but things are breaking you inside, and you need to solve cause it has gone to another level that has disturbed your peace of mind and disturbed your harmony with life and planning.

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What is the significance of crying in dream? 

The significance of dreaming about crying indicates some hidden emotions and feelings that need to be taken out and be expressed to whom it relates.

These hidden emotions have made your life quite difficult and tough since been haunting in dreams about crying. This has turned out to be depressing and disappointing which needs to be rectified before it causes any further loss.   


Hence, through dreams about crying, we came to understand the positive and negative aspects that revolve around us. If dreams about crying appear regularly, then it signifies your hidden emotions and feelings, which has somehow burst out and couldn’t keep inside.

But decisions which you’ll need to make accordingly with the situations but not emotionally. These situation-based decisions are the key that shapes one’s life and, therefore, the way one leads it.

Sometimes dreams about crying can backfire as a negative consequence if you don’t let yourself get rid of these emotions, which has like haunted you for long.

But the dreams about crying is a clear-cut message to let go of everything and every feeling and solve it immediately. Time has finally come up to get yourself back the way you were before.

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