Dream About Water Meaning and Interpretation

Since ancient times, it has been believed that your dreams can tell you a lot about your lives, bringing a special message for you, and they can even bring you a message from God. You all know that the existence of any kind of life is impossible on the earth without water.

Water plays a significant role in your experiences, and hence, it is a symbol of cleansing and survival. Dreaming about water is a symbol of your own emotions in real life. Water in a dream is the presentation of some kind of decent as well as terrible.

What is the meaning of the Dream about Water?

Water is the counterpart of fertility, refreshment, and birth. The meaning of being water in a dream can be destructive as well as instructive and transmuted. Water has the quality of fluidity and cohesiveness, so you should be liberal, determined, devoted, and disciplined.

Your subconscious mind with the deepest recess expects you to take care of yourself and get rid of stress and leftover emotional conflicts. 

What is the spiritual meaning of the dream about water?

Water is derived from sources such as lakes, oceans, rivers, seas, and rain with the odorless and colorless elements. 

Spiritual meaning of dream about water is a significant source of blessings and releasing of its glory upon man and the earth.

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What is the Water Dream Interpretation?

Interpretation of dream about water has to be considered with different situations and implicit:-

  • Dream of calm and lucid water- Dream about calm and clear water is presented as a good sign and a symbol of your happiness and inner peace. You should not worry about the problems in your real life because you know how to solve them and you have the ability.
  • Dream of dirty water- As you know, dirty is a symbol of awful. So dirty water is an emblem of uncertainty, negative emotions, and fear in your life.
  • Dreaming of deepwater- Depth is not a good sign, so you should be careful in the future period, at your work, don’t do things in a hurry, and think about all your decisions and actions.
  • Dream of boiling water- This shows your dedication to your desire and fear in walking life as well your angriness at something.
  • Dream about cold water- It conveys an underlying message with a good sign of positivity.

Interpretation of dream about being water has to be considered with different situations and implicit:-

  • Dream about water inside the house – This dream mean that your life is full of emotions and different types of thought and you are not able to control them.
  • Dreams about water overflowing – This means that you become nervous when situation get out of your hand.  Different types of water bodies represent different type of negativity.
  • Dream about clear water – This means that your will future will be full of positive and happy things. If the water is unclear then it means that, happy times are going to coming fast.
  • Dream meaning cleaning floor with water – This is a good dream for the dreamer as it indicates that the dreamer is going to move to a new place. The dreamer is also most likely to get promoted in his job.
  • Dream about drowning in water – The dreamer sees this dream because his life is full of stress and the dreamer is filling overwhelmed by difficult problems. If you dreamed of survived from drowning then it means that there is going to be a rebirth of your emotions.

What is the psychological meaning of a dream about water? 

 Some other psychological meaning about being water in a dream indicates are;

● Dreaming of running water is the message of uncertainty, having many difficult situations around you, and has to make crucial decisions in the future period.

● Dreaming of drinking water is a badge of your success in the future for the new project, and everything will be great.

● Dreaming of walking on water is a sign for you to be an optimistic person and ready to face all the problems as you control your emotions.

● Dreaming of offering water to someone is the clue of your being lucky, true friendship, and true love that you have in your life and who will never deceive you.

● Dreaming of holy water means you need some cleansing in a spiritual sense for your negative thoughts.

● Dreaming of rough water means you need to be careful because some people might abuse you, so you should take control of your emotions and your life in general.

What is the meaning of seeing water in a dream?

Seeing water in a dream has several significant concerning the objects:-

1. Dreaming of water in your house is a message of being overwhelmed with your emotions.

2. Dreaming of water flowing towards you is negatively significant, so your God wants you to talk to your loved ones and tackle your problems.

3. Dreaming of being underwater means you are overwhelmed by pessimistic emotions and not feeling good, so you need to think more and more positively.

4. Dreaming of breathing underwater is the significance of your strongness, boldness, and you are enough to deal with all your problems.

5. Dreaming of drinking saltwater is a message of your problem in your relationship because your partner will hurt you in the future, and you will suffer too much.

6. Dreaming about crossing water means you are an independent person and a freedom lover.

7. Dreaming about someone spraying you with water states the time to show your real and deep emotions and be more open.

8. Dreaming of listening to water norms, you are in search of your own mental peace and healthy thoughts.

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What is the biblical meaning of the dream about water?

The paramount significance of water in the earliest time was believed that water could wash all your sins, and that’s why many times it is associated with Jesus. 

In the Bible, the dream of being water means regeneration and renewal of life and satisfaction. Sometimes this dream is considered a symbol of negativity and uncertainty like many fears in your real life, and you don’t know what you can expect in the future. 

What are the symbols of the dream about water?

The other symbols of dreaming about water are:-

● Playing with water means you are ignorant of your enemy.

● Dream of urinating in water means bareness.

● A child floating in the river signifies the growth, kindness, or advice because of losing something of high importance to you.

● You are being pushed by someone in the water is the significance to terminate your action.

● The car splashed water on you means someone is gossiping and tarnishing your image before people.

● Water in your food referred to your mistake and loss of direction.

What is the significance of Dream about Water?

Significance of Dream about water is having a new objective, destination, or direction in life like starting school, changing on moving jobs. 

Dreaming about water is a reminder of going well with the current situation, happiness, and confidence with your circumstances.


Dream about water depends to a great extent on details that appear around you and all and all other circumstances. We all know that lakes, oceans, rivers, seas, and rain with the odourless and colourless elements are the sources of water. 

The main meaning of dream about water could possibly be a significant source of blessings and releasing of its glory upon man and the earth.

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