Dream About the Penis Meaning and Interpretation

According to famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, if you have started to dream about the penis, this dream is associated with our real-life needs and views. 

Specifically, dream about the penis indicates your power, intimacy, prosperity, and your frustration about something. If you are dreaming of other people’s genitalia, then it means that you are confused over some topic in your real life. 

Dream about the penis is common in people who think that their body is becoming inadequate because of aging. 

What do dreams about penis mean?

Penis dream meaning is a positive dream, on the contrary. Dream about the penis is telling that something is present in your life because you are feeling overtaken or powered up. 

It is also very exciting to see yourself naked in your dream. Seeing yourself naked in your dream can have several meanings according to your personality, but mainly it is telling that you are feeling exposed. 

If you want to improve your personality to face your daily challenges in a better way, you should rely on your night-time visions. If you are dreaming of the penis of an unknown male, then this dream indicates that you are in search of freedom. 

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What do dreams about penis mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of the penis in the dream indicates our views and thoughts on our own personality. Dreams about the penis will have slightly different meanings for both male and female perspectives. 

In general, penis in your dreams indicates the bond of your relationship. You could have also seen this dream because you have now started to doubt your own feelings and thoughts. 

In English dream books, dreams about the penis are said to connect to your masculinity directly. If you are dreaming about your own penis, then this dream indicates your self-confidence. It is also suggesting that you are surrounded by anxiety and negative thoughts.

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What do dreams about the penis symbolize?

Penis symbolism in the dream is telling you that you are confused about your emotions and feelings about your relationship.

For a man, a dream about the penis indicates that he is in search of a better relationship, and this dream is also telling me that you need to focus on your energies and strengths. 

If you are single, and still you are dreaming about genitalia, then this indicates that you are searching for a relationship. This dream is also giving good news that you will soon settle down in a relationship. 

This dream indicates the presence of different kinds of energies in your life and how you are using your communication skills to communicate with others.

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What does seeing a penis mean?

Seeing the penis in a dream means that you will know about the secrets of someone close to you. Dream of penis urges you to bottle up your emotions and feelings if you want to become successful in your life. 

According to folklore, if a woman is dreaming about Male genetics, this dream indicates a guy out there in her real-life who wants to get close to her. 

If you are dreaming of making love with another man ( no matter if you are male or female ), this dream indicates that you will have to do things that you don’t like to do in the future. 

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What does dreaming about a penis mean biblically? 

The biblical meaning of the penis indicates your competence, strength, and potency. Dream of penis is telling you that you feel capable and powerful because of your personality. 

If you are dreaming about a small penis, then it indicates your feelings of powerlessness and infertility. You think that you are ineffective in taking different actions and making important decisions. You have started to feel weaker and deficient than other people present in your life. 

The biblical meaning of a large penis tells that you are feeling very powerful and competent. Positively, you have started to feel that you have control over everything, and you can become successful with the help of your power and strength. 

What is the significance of dreams about the penis?

The significance of the dream about the penis indicates compassion, love, and accomplishment of a dream. 

According to ancient dream books, a dream about the penis is associated with the creator. This dream is indicating your feelings about your ideas and power. 

If a pregnant woman is dreaming about a male genetic, then it means that she will have a baby boy. And women who are not pregnant have such dreams; then it means that shortly luck will favor her and she will earn a lot of money. 

This dream is also telling you that you need to allow yourself to make certain mistakes in your life as it will help you gain more and more experience. 

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What does the dream about the penis mean psychologically?

According to psychologists, the penis dream meaning in psychology is considered to be a positive dream, as it is related to the separation of a man from a woman. 

In some way, dream about the penis denotes the release of negative energies from your life. The psychological meaning of dreaming about your penis is telling you that you are not feeling satisfied.

Mainly this nonsatisfaction is related to your sexual life. Alternatively, this dream can also indicate that you are searching for a partner with whom you can consummate your sexual fantasies. 

According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, this dream is common in people who are not feeling satisfied in their sexual life. On the other hand, dream about the penis can also indicate that you need to take some time from your busy life to relax your body. 

What is the interpretation of a dream about a penis?

Dream interpretation of the penis is quite puzzling and confusing. Dream about the penis can be a sign of rebirth. This dream can also mean that you will receive the guidance and support of other people in your success path. 

  • Women seeing male organ male in dreams – the dream indicates that this woman will make a lot of money in her future. And if this woman is pregnant, then it is an indication that she will have a baby boy.  
  • Dreamt I had a penis – this dream is an indication that the dreamer will have many children in his future. 
  • Dreaming of penises – this dream is also related to children that the dreamer is going to have. The number of penises seen in dreams is directly proportional to the number of children the dreamer will have. 


Lastly, dreams about the penis indicate that the dreamer will involve himself in a sexual act. 

Dream about the penis is telling that you will meet a person in your life, whom you will find sexually attractive.  If the dreamer is married in real life, then this dream about the penis indicates the dreamer’s desires are not in his or her control. 

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