Dream About Fighting Meaning and Interpretation

Fighting means in the context of battle, strive to overcome a person by blows/weapon or oppose the passes or development of Dream about fighting signifies conflict, confrontation, resistance, or trying to prove yourself and inner struggle with difficult emotions in life situations or with other people. It indicates that you may experience intense bitterness of jealousy.

People may suffer from stress, misinformation, confronting ignorance, demand of conflict placed on you, unfairness or broken agreement. You need to be charged up with full energy for achieving goals.

Dreams about fighting feel restricted and people have turned on you. So, you could face an unwelcoming attitude and people don’t like you. It refers to your walking life conflict with family, friends, other people, or your surroundings.

What is the meaning of dream about fighting?

Dreaming about fighting shows the infringing aspects of yourself with each other. It is a demeaning value of your faith, objectives, success, or areas of your life. Dreaming about fighting to mean reflects your attempt to make out of trauma or trying to overcome your problems.

It may be signified as standing up for yourself so unwilling to put up with a problem or accept treatment. Fighting dreams mean people have intense hate, anger towards yourself, dispute on your royalties, and ongoing squabble.

What is the spiritual meaning of dream about fighting?

A dream is an exploration of the material that can happen. The spiritual meaning of dreaming about fighting is making a difficult decision about a relationship or work which could be short-term or long-term, been an internal struggle.

Spiritually, dreaming about fighting pop up if you are an Indian indecisive person by nature. Sometimes, it refers to a deep subconscious struggle and deeply held fear.  It may be the fear of being exposed as this dream is worried about a specific issue like cheating on you or your mind projector a villain.

What is the interpretation of a dream about fighting?

Dreaming about fighting interprets your malpractice of feelings, opinion and could be an indication of battles.

  • Dream of fighting to stay alive- it is the message for you to stay relevant or desperate for your own feelings of desire despite facing a very serious illness.
  • Dream of dogs fighting- it is associated with intense emotional argument and your feeling of expectations about a fight.
  • Dream of fighting demons- it signifies your struggle for spiritual improvement that is restricted by your bad habits and addiction which holds life back.
  • Dream of fighting with cousin- it makes your feeling and issue with being a lesbian.
  • Dream of women fighting with men- it is the significance of your problem between both of you at your work or something else.
  • Dream of fighting with zombies- it reflects your bad relationship and feelings of boredom with your partners.
  • Dreaming about fighting with your mother- it symbolizes your argument with your mother in walking life and has been thrown out of your family home.
  • Dreaming about the physical fight- it is the indication of your mental struggle, working restlessly, and confrontation.

Dream about fighting interprets your malpractice of feelings, opinion and could be indication of battles.

  • Dream of dogs fighting– Dream about dogs fighting is associated with intense emotional argument and your feeling of expectations about a fight.
  • Dream about winning a fight – It is a good omen for the dreamer. It indicates feelings like emotional satisfaction.
  • Dream interpretation of fighting with father – This dream indicates that you are struggling to choose your life. If your father is dead in real life and he appears in your dream, then it means that you had some conflicts with your father which you haven’t fixed.
  • Dream about fighting a friend – these dreams indicates your attitude towards this person and your desire to humiliate this person by some illegal actions.
  • Dream about fighting a lion – It dream represent your inner struggles. It also indicates you should keep doing what you are doing in your real life, without thinking of its consequences.

What does seeing dream about fighting mean?

Seeing a fight in dream indicates your conflicts and misunderstanding with someone.  Dream about fighting points out your struggle with emotions and other situation of your life.

Alternatively, dream about fighting also determines your fighting spirit and motivation to cope up with any problem. You have started to think that everyone is against you and you are alone in this world. Your life is full of stress and broken agreements.

What is the psychological meaning of a dream about fighting?

Psychology says about your subconscious mind as well as discharge what the conscious mind can’t. Physiological meaning of dream about fighting comes with lots of meaning in respect of symbol as:-

  • Dreaming about fighting with a friend- it is the message of both, you and your friend getting into a bash.
  • Dreaming about fighting with an animal- it may be your spirit animal who is guiding and represents your personality.
  • Dream of fighting while being chased- it represents your upcoming issue with that person and creatures.
  • Dream about animals fighting- it is the significance of your fear, safety or welfare.
  • Dream of fighting with someone who died- it wants you to solve the leftover and resolve problems.

What is the biblical meaning of the dream about fighting?

The Biblical meaning of the dream about fighting is your struggle or dispute for acquiring your perspective and possessing your desire.Dream about Fighting messages you to think outside the box so need to be fully understood.

This may be the transition phase of you that adore your new version with high acquiring versatile characters. In the Bible, Dream about fighting is a message of your almighty to cope with issues very strongly.

What is the symbol of a dream about fighting?

The various different symbolism of dream about fighting are featured in your thoughts and listed below:-

  1.  confrontation and continual bickering.
  2. Difficult relationship.
  3. Depression and continuous problems.
  4. Examine yourself through your insights and meditation.
  5.  Giving all damn effort and determination.
  6.  Traumatized and battling.
  7. Bitterness and arguing.
  8.  Prejudice and unwilling to accept failure.
  9. Looking for a viable solution to any issues.
  10.  Work tension and feeling of going crazy.
  11. Letting go of any situation instead of holding it for very long.
  12. Believing in cause and thinking that the world is against you.

What is the significance of dreams about fighting?

Dream about fighting popup with scenarios of struggle, resistance or trying to prove yourself. Significance of fighting in a dream can be somewhat disturbing and any violent action like:-

  • Punching another person or been punched
  • Stabbing someone or been stabbed
  • Kicking something or been kicked
  • Murdering or been murdered
  • Pulling hairs.
  • Slapping or hitting another person or being.
  • Had an terrific situation.
  • Having an argument.
  • Spectate a fight.
  • Going through unusual violents.
  • Fought with relatives.
  • Conflict with another person.

Generally, this dream suggests that you need to make decisions in order to make yourself feel better.


As Dream translates our conscious and subconscious features and it can link to very sophisticated thoughts.

So, Dream about fighting is virtual and makes you all aware too. Fighting represents the battle or will power that could be both positive as well negative. In a good sense it is the mark of your determination, dedication and endlessly less effort for grabbing something it may be the indication of loss, give up and defeat.

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