Dog Breeds That Look Like Foxes


When it comes to adorable pets, dogs and foxes often share the spotlight for their strikingly similar appearances. If you’ve ever wondered which dog breeds resemble foxes the most, you’re in for a treat.

In this informative article, we will delve deep into the world of canines that look like foxes. From their physical traits to their unique personalities, we’ll explore it all.

Dog Breeds That Mimic Foxes

Shiba Inu: The Japanese Fox Lookalike

The Shiba Inu, a breed originating from Japan, is often hailed as one of the most fox-like dogs. With its pointed ears, curled tail, and fiery red coat, this breed exudes fox-like charm. Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance; Shiba Inus are known for their independent and spirited nature.

Alaskan Klee Kai: The Miniature Wolf

Alaskan Klee Kais may not be as well-known as some other breeds, but they certainly deserve a place on our list. These petite canines boast striking wolf-like features, making them appear remarkably fox-like. Their pricked ears, thick fur, and piercing eyes are reminiscent of the sly fox.

Finnish Spitz: The Vocal Fox

If you’re looking for a dog that not only looks like a fox but also sounds like one, the Finnish Spitz fits the bill. These charming dogs sport a vibrant red coat, erect ears, and a curled tail. Moreover, they are renowned for their distinctive vocalizations, which are often compared to the yips and howls of a fox.

Pomeranian: The Mini Fox

Pomeranians, with their fluffy double coats and fluffy tails, are tiny fox look-alikes. These pocket-sized companions are not only adorable but also have big personalities. Their vibrant personalities often match their striking appearance.

Foxy Traits in Common

While each of these breeds has its unique characteristics, there are common traits that make them resemble foxes. These include:

  • Pointed Ears: Foxes and these dog breeds share those distinct, triangular ears.
  • Bushy Tails: The curled and fluffy tails of these dogs mimic a fox’s tail.
  • Bright Eyes: Fox-like breeds often have alert, almond-shaped eyes.
  • Fur Color: Shades of red, orange, and cream are prevalent in both foxes and these canines.

Fox-Like Dogs: The Fascinating Similarities

Behavioral Quirks

Apart from their physical resemblance, fox-like dogs share some interesting behavioral traits:

  • Curiosity: These dogs tend to be naturally inquisitive, just like their wild fox counterparts.
  • Independence: Many of them display an independent streak, not relying heavily on constant attention.
  • Vocalization: Some breeds mimic fox vocalizations, which can be amusing for their owners.

Size Variations

From the tiny Pomeranian to the medium-sized Shiba Inu, and the slightly larger Alaskan Klee Kai, these breeds offer a variety of size options for prospective pet owners.


Fox-like dogs can adapt well to different living conditions, whether you reside in a city apartment or a spacious countryside home.


Q: What is the origin of the Shiba Inu breed?
A: The Shiba Inu hails from Japan and is one of the oldest and smallest native Japanese dog breeds.

Q: Are Finnish Spitz dogs easy to train?
A: Finnish Spitz dogs are intelligent but can be stubborn. They require patient and consistent training.

Q: Do Alaskan Klee Kais shed a lot?
A: Yes, Alaskan Klee Kais shed quite a bit, particularly during seasonal changes. Regular grooming can help manage this.

Q: Are Pomeranians good family dogs?
A: Pomeranians can make great family pets due to their friendly and affectionate nature, but they may not be the best choice for families with very young children.

Q: Can fox-like dogs coexist with other pets?
A: With proper socialization, fox-like dogs can get along with other pets, but supervision is essential, especially with smaller animals.

Q: Do these breeds require a lot of exercise?
A: The exercise needs vary among these breeds, but they generally benefit from daily walks and playtime.


In the world of canine companions, the allure of dog breeds that look like foxes is undeniable. Whether you are captivated by the Shiba Inu’s regal appearance, the Alaskan Klee Kai’s wolfish charm, or the Finnish Spitz’s vocal mimicry, these foxy dogs bring a touch of wild beauty to your home.

Next time you spot a dog with pointed ears, a fluffy tail, and bright eyes, you might just be encountering a fox-like breed. Embrace the magic of these enchanting canines and consider welcoming one into your family.

So, if you’re ready to bring a touch of the wild into your life, explore the world of dog breeds that look like foxes and discover the perfect foxy companion for you.

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