Cougar Spirit Animal Meaning and Symbolism

Cougar is a large American brown wild cat with a plain tawny to greyish coat found from Canada to Patagonia. In certain spiritual traditions and cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps, guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies and it is also a metaphor, often humorous for someone or something a person relates to or admires. 

Cougar spirit animal put the focus on your ability to acknowledge and direct your power with dignity and grace to herald a period in your life where you have to move quickly when there are opportunities present. 

Cougar as a spirit animal fully embraces your strength, whether everything in your life is going as it should or not, and puts the focus on guarding and protecting what is precious to you.

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What is the meaning of the cougar as a spirit animal?

Cougar spirit animal pump you with the criteria of dealing with every kind of person in your life because there will be many people who will try to get what you have in ways that will shock you. 

Cougar spirit animal meaning encourages and demonstrates your power, strength and learning to respect your strength and capabilities. Cougar spirited you and brought out your desire to come to be the best version of yourself whether it’s scaling the corporate ladder, accomplishing your academic goals, or working out something for a charitable cause. ( READ MORE – Turtle Spirit Animal)

You need to discover your true intentions and strength by your action and learn to be gentle when gentleness is required and be assertive when assertiveness is required.

What is the spiritual meaning of the cougar?

Spiritual meaning of seeing a cougar reinforces your belief that you are destined for great things, and the natural leader in you always shines through. It teaches you to don’t let your ego prevent you from being a considerate and sensitive person and be a leader without being superior. 

Cougar spirit animals boost you with the confidence to take on any role and not just a leadership role and accept nothing less than the best, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.

It supposes you not to be swayed by good looks and perfect impression because looks can be defrauding and always reminisces you to have the patience or develop your vision for the future and be committed to growing your power. 

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What does cougar as a powerful animal mean?

Cougar power animals tell you that you need to protect and guard the people who are close to your heart. You will come across many people in your life that will come close to you to take advantages from you.

Therefore, cougar spirit animals want you to be very careful while making new friends. The meaning of spirit animal cougar is almost the same as the meaning of spirit animal cougar, as both these spirit animals give the message that you need to demonstrate your power and strength in front of this world. ( READ Alligator Spirit Animal )

Learn to respect your knowledge and abilities. You have gone through many heartbreaks, disappointments and rejection to reach the place where you are right now.

You have faced many difficulties to become as powerful and as wise you are right now. Therefore, these urge you to respect yourself and your position. 

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What does the cougar spirit animal symbolise?

Cougar spirit animal symbolism highlights a period of your life in which you will have to move quickly to grab the possibilities that are forming in front of you.

There will be a need for you to embarrass your strength no matter whether your life is going as you have planned or not. 

Cougar spirit animals point out at your desire to become the best in the room, whether it is related to becoming a corporate ladder, or achieving your goals. 

You are born to bring necessary changes in this world. The symbolism of spirit animal cougar is almost the same as the symbolism of spirit animal goat, as both spirit animals say that you have the confidence to take up any responsibility and try to fulfil it with full determination. 

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What is the cougar spirit totem?

Cougar spirit totem is giving the message that you need to step up and take charge of your responsibilities. You are strong and courageous, and you can convert the situation from worst to best. 

Cougar spirit animals are telling you that you can convert your dreams into reality with your talent and skills. You can turn the opposition in your favor with visual communication skills. (> Hummingbird Spirit Animal)

You need to grab up the opportunities that are being presented in front of you, as they will provide you with a lucky break for which you have been waiting for so long.

Devote your positive energies to doing things that excite you because they will help you to discover beautiful things about your personality. 

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What are the characteristics of a cougar as a spirit animal?

Cougar spirit animals tell that you are born with leadership quality and charisma that attracts people. You are determined on your goals, and your faith seems to be unshakeable.

Some other characteristics of a cougar as a spirit animal. are as follows:-

  • You are always full of confidence, and it gives you a boost while you are performing any work. You can cause significant damage and harm just by putting minimal efforts. 
  • It points out that you are born with excellent communication skills, and you can easily crush someone with your words, whenever you wish to. But the good part is, you do not involve yourself in doing things that will be not beneficial for your future. 
  • People see you as a creative, responsible and dependable person. And you have the skills of handling multiple tasks at once because you are balanced, steadfast and preserving. 

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What if “my spirit animal is a cougar”?

If you have cougars as your spirit animal, then it means that you are not willing to accept anything less than the best. Especially when it comes to the matter of love and relationship, you should always look for the right intention and the strength of the person with whom you are deciding to spend your life with.  ( READ – Buffalo Spirit Animal Meaning)

Cougar spirit animals are reminding you that you should not fall for good looks and perfect impressions. You should always look for a person who is filled with positive energy and who is having a pure heart. Cougar spirit animals say that it would be best for you if you start enjoying your life instead of rushing over things. 


Cougar spirit animal is giving the message that you need to find the path in which you will move in the future. It would be best if you used this journey to discover yourself and phase the challenges and obstacles with full confidence. 

Cougar spirit animals want you to learn from your failures and heartbreak if you’re going to maintain a balance between your professional life and your independence.

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