Astrology Essay: How to Write a College Paper on Astrology Topics

Astrology is one of the oldest human pursuits. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have looked up at the stars and imagined that the stars could foretell destiny. To an extent, it is understandable. After all, the cycle of the stars throughout the year parallels the cycle of the seasons.

That’s one reason that the ancient Egyptians, for example, arranged their calendar around the appearance of the dog star Sirius.

The Sothic cycle commenced at the moment of the annual Nile flood, which brought fertility to the Nile Valley. It was therefore not hard to imagine that the stars were in some way controlling the flood. 

However, in modern times, we think differently about the nature of cause and effect. Yet we still write essays, research papers, and reports about astrology in college courses because the study of astrology can be part of an investigation into the history, religion, or the origins of sciences like astronomy. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about how to write a college paper on astrology topics.

Why Writing About Astrology

First things first, let’s clear up the difference between astrology and astronomy since many college students still confuse the two. Astronomy is the scientific exploration of the stars and outer space.

Astronomy is what you do with telescopes and other instruments. By contrast, astrology is the imagined process of calculating the position of the planets relative to Earth and drawing conclusions about the future of humans or other living beings from their positions.

Astronomy is heliocentric and understands that the sun is the center of the solar system. 

Astrology uses a geocentric model and only cares about how the planets appear in the sky over the Earth.

Astrology also believes that the sun, the moon, and the planets exert a mystical influence over individual human lives depending on the time and place of their birth, although astrology tells us that such forces do not exist and produce no measurable effects. 

Nevertheless, astrology has played a vital role in human history. For many centuries, monarchs had court astrologers and would undertake major decisions only when the stars were right.

Astrology was a key pursuit of the Babylonians, whose elaborate calculations and predictions influenced the development of Western astrology when the Greeks adopted and adapted the Babylonian system.

Astrology probably reached its apex under the medieval Persian astrologer Abu Ma’shar al-Balkhi, who lived in the ninth century.

He combined Greek astrology with Mesopotamian, Arab, Persian, and Hindu astrology to create an elaborate composite system that he claimed was so accurate that it could predict world events from the creation straight through to the day of God’s divine judgment. He was wrong.

Writing Astrology Papers in College

Many college students struggle to write papers on astrology and wind up asking friends and classmates, “Who can I get to write my college paper for me online?” Because astrology is confusing for many students, who may know it only from newspaper astrology columns, students will often pay someone for the help they need to do their essays.

When you use an expert writer to create an essay for you, the service you receive can give you the advantage to show you how best to develop your essay and produce the kind of paper that will make a difference in your understanding of astrology and in your course performance.

3 Essential Tips to Write an Essay about Astrology

However, not every paper needs a professional writer’s touch. If you are planning to write a paper about astrology, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to help make sure your paper is as strong as it can be.

  1. Be critical. First and foremost, remember that astrology is not astronomy. Most instructors are not believers in astrology, and you shouldn’t write your paper about the influence of the stars on people unless you are taking a course where that is expected. Instead, think about astrology from a critical perspective. That means remembering that astrology is a belief system, not a science, and maintaining a critical distance from it. To that end, you should focus on the impact of astrology on people and culture rather than making true claims that astrology is a science or that its mystical claims are true.
  2. Be scholarly. Astrology tends to attract its fair share of credulous people who make statements based on little more than personal opinions and feelings. Remember that a college paper needs to be scholarly. When you research astrology, vet your sources carefully. If an author tells you that their source is an angel who whispered secrets into their ears while they slept, you should think more critically about that source than on that is written by a college professor who can cite primary sources going back five thousand years. Apply common sense and think about whether the sources you are using are credible.
  3. Be on topic. It can be easy for an essay on astrology to stray off-topic, particularly given the colorful characters, eccentric belief systems, and supernatural elements of the area of study. However, astrology essays need to stay on topic, just like any other paper. You will need a strong thesis statement to make sure that each part of the essay supports and defends the thesis statement. To help you with this, it’s often a good idea to outline your paper. Outlining helps you to plan your essay before you write to ensure you stay on topic.

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