A Guide To Understanding Your Dreams: Do They Have Meaning?

Some dreams are elusive while others sound so strange. Such dreams can make you wonder. You can have trouble understanding the meaning of different dreams. However, dream experts extra help you make sense out of these confusing matters. These experts use theories to attach meaning to different dreams.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to understand the mysteries that go on when their eyes are closed? It can be fun waking up to interpret your weird dreams in the morning. To get started, here is a guide to understanding your dreams: do they have meaning:

Understand Why You Dream

Understanding your dreams is not as complex as you think. There are several strategies you can use to interpret your dreams. For instance, according to psychologists at TheSymbolism, there are dedicated dictionaries that you can use to interpret your dreams. These dictionaries are easy to use.

You can use dictionaries to understand what different symbols insinuate in ordinary life. This makes it easy for you to relate ordinary occurrences and symbols to your dreams.

Dream analysis is also a simpler way to better understand yourself and understand your dreams. To start your dream analysis, first, understand why you dream.  Dreams are important to the evolution and development of metaphysics.

Through dreams, your conscious and unconscious minds communicate better. This helps you become a whole person. Dreams can enable you to play between what you know and what you think you know.

Additionally, dreams can help you let out all your puzzling emotions, experiences, and pain all in a safe place where no one else can hear and see except you. Dreams can help you process different events and information that’s confusing and painful. All these relate to an emotional world.

Dreams can also reveal your deepest worries, desires, and deepest wounds. Therefore, as you analyze your dreams, you can understand what pains you the most and what you desire the most.

Analyze Your Dreams

Everyone is unique. Therefore,  dream analysis should not be a stringent process with do-or-die rules that one must follow. There are no prescriptions or formulas to dream analysis. You can understand your dreams better if you record your dreams. This should be the first step to analyze your dreams.

As you take notes of what your dream entailed, the process encapsulates your dreams.  The process draws the content out of the unconscious realm and into the physical realm. 

Interestingly, you can record no dreams on the mornings you wake up and you don’t remember any dream. Ensure you have a pen and journal next to your bed. Before you leave your bed every morning, note down the night’s dreams. As you repeat this process, your mind will get used and in the next three weeks, you will start to remember your dreams.

You must also indicate your feelings as you dreamt.  Were you hungry? Were you remorseful? Were you scared? Asking yourself these questions will help you attach some meaning to the dreams.

Likewise, you should ask yourself whether you still feel the same in the morning and whether you are comfortable with those feelings. These feelings can help you know who you are, what your purpose is, and where your life is going. 

Remember to identify any recurring thoughts and feelings in your dreams. Identify how they relate to your daily life. Also note that when you have many specific recurring feelings in the daytime, they are likely to appear in your dreams.

Dreams also have different elements which you must consider as you interpret the dreams. Ask yourself the cause of the recurring feelings you are experiencing. 

You should not, therefore, be surprised if you find yourself as a different person every other time in your dreams. You can discover your different personalities through dreams. Take time to ask yourself whether you love the feeling of being another person and if yes, it’s time to change your character accordingly. Ensure you learn even from your most mundane dreams.

Some Dreams Have Obvious Meanings

While all people are unique, there are similar interpretations to most types of dreams. For example, when you dream that your teeth fell out, dream analysts equate this to self-esteem and confidence.

The same way you would be embarrassed when your teeth fell out is the same way you would be embarrassed when you lose your self-esteem. This dream can therefore insinuate that you’re battling or are going to battle shame. The feeling the dream evokes in you could be the true meaning of the dream.

When you dream about falling, the dream could mean that you lack control over something.  It is key to have such dreams when you are struggling with huge personal struggles. The dream can also come to you when you are stressed over some unavoidable challenges that seem to be weighing you down. As soon as you wake after such a dream, ask yourself how you felt falling and relate the dream to activities in your life that evoke the same emotions.

Dreams of someone chasing after you could also mean that you are trying to get yourself out of a certain problem. Reflect on your life and identify the challenges you are struggling to get out of and how nearer to success you are. Such a dream often means that something you dread is at your heels, and you’re running away from it. Simultaneously, dreams about pregnancy mean you are undergoing change or growth. Something in your life is perhaps expanding, or evolving. Pregnancy indicates evolution so identify any relevant theme in your life.

Dreams can be simple. Some dreams can be complex. There’s no particular sequence to understanding your dream. However, recording your dream can help foster the communication between your conscious and subconscious minds. Consequently, you can find it easier to relate occurrences in these two worlds. Some dreams also have common interpretations. Therefore, if you’re a dreamer, take time and read about the common meanings of certain dreams. Analyzing your dreams deeply can also help you learn a lot about yourself. Learn to relate the happenings in your life with the subconscious reality in your emotional world.

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