There are exact signs that show that a marriage is in a critical condition, just like there are exact signs that show that a marriage is thriving.

While one may not be able to accurately conclude on a marriage just by observing it at a particular time or by one experience,

Certain signs can say a lot about the state of your marriage.

If you’ve noticed some unpleasant signs and think your marriage is in trouble, the signs below can serve as a confirmatory diagnosis.

15 Critical Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

  1. THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION15 Critical Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble
    One of the first signs that your marriage is in trouble is that communication walks out the door.

It’s a subtle sign, so it isn’t seen as anything serious at first, but it’s one of the most dangerous things to happen to a marriage.

When meaningful conversations decline and playful banter stops, there’s an issue.

Communication is the string that holds everything together in a relationship or marriage.

Without it, many things will fall apart.

Thus, a communication breakdown is one of the most critical signs that your marriage is in trouble.

    There’s almost no sign as telling as a lack of desire to put in effort.

Many things could go wrong in a marriage, but when the couples are willing to put in the work, it’s usually fixable.

The moment you and your partner are no longer interested in making the necessary adjustments, sacrifices, and efforts to make your marriage work, that marriage is about to bite the dust.

  1. CHEATING BECOMES NORMALIZEDsigns your marriage is in trouble
    Once is already bad enough, but constant and consistent cheating to the point that it becomes normalized?

That’s on another level.

If one or both of you are engaging in extramarital affairs or seeking comfort and connection with other people of the opposite sex, the marriage is close to falling apart.

Infidelity never leaves any marriage the same way it met it.

    Third parties are sometimes welcome and make valuable contributions to marriages, but they can quickly become a thorn in a marriage.

If you or your partner keeps allowing a third party to influence how you run your marriage, that can be dangerous.

The third-party I’m talking about can be anybody, ranging from well-wishers, family, in-laws, friends, or exes.

A marriage is between two people and not a group of people.

Giving a third party’s opinion or presence unrestrained access into your marriage is a sign that your marriage is in trouble.

  1. DOMESTIC VIOLENCEsigns your marriage is in trouble
    If this isn’t the most concrete sign, I don’t know what is.

Violence and abuse in whatever form it happens in a marriage is a warning sign.

If there’s any form of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse or violence in your marriage, something needs to be done immediately because your marriage is in trouble.

There’s no nice way to put it because it’s not a nice situation.

Any form of abuse is a serious sign of trouble.

    Intimacy may not be everything in a marriage, but it is a crucial part of it.

Although physical intimacy is a huge part of this, it transcends just physical intimacy; there’s also emotional and mental intimacy.

A significant decrease in any form of closeness for a long time is a sign that things may be about to fall apart.

Your marriage may be able to survive without intimacy for some time, but not for long.

Feeling emotionally distant or detached from your partner is a situation that calls for urgent attention.

  1. CONSTANT CRITICISMsigns your marriage is in trouble
    Couples can correct and criticize each other where necessary but never out of contempt or hate.

If you’re beginning to observe an increase in the level of criticism in your marriage, something may be wrong.

Constant harsh criticism from a place of contempt toward each other indicates an underlying issue.

And if that issue isn’t resolved, it’s like a bomb waiting to go off; one day, it’ll detonate, and it won’t be pretty.

    Avoidance of conflict sounds like a good thing until you see all the things it comes with.

Ignoring or avoiding issues rather than addressing them can deleteriously affect a marriage.

Conflicts are not always bad; they are avenues for grievances to be aired, communication to be had, adjustments made, and understanding established.

If you’re avoiding conflicts in your marriage, you and your partner will keep your reservations to yourself, which can be damaging.

When you keep sweeping issues under the carpet, it leads to unresolved resentment.

It’s only a matter of time before things fall apart.

  1. LOSS OF RESPECTsigns your marriage is in trouble
    When mutual respect is lost in your marriage, it may not signify the end of the marriage, but it sure is a sign that the health of the marriage has taken a downward spiral.

Disrespect manifests in different ways, such as one partner lying to the other, not honoring your space or time, speaking in a derogatory manner, and not listening when you’re talking; the list is endless.

It may also show up as them interrupting or talking over you, not making you feel valued, ignoring your boundaries, etc.

Mutual respect is essential; a lack of it can indicate trouble.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being very different from your partner.

In fact, according to research, many healthy relationships are a combination of two people who are different in many ways.

However, this only works when the differences can be married and aligned, or they do not pertain to major life areas.

Marriage is a serious business, and for it to work, the people in it must agree.

When major incompatibilities exist between you and your partner, that can spell doom for your marriage.

Incompatibilities around beliefs, parenting styles, mindsets, goals, and plans are usually difficult to work around.

  1. TRUST ISSUESsigns your marriage is in trouble
    If there’s no trust in your marriage and you’re wondering if something is wrong, I’m here to tell you that many things are.

Suspicion, jealousy, and lack of trust are not normal parts of a healthy relationship.

Their presence indicates that something went wrong and more things are likely to happen.

That is a shaky foundation to continue building a marriage.

    Am I saying that if you’re experiencing financial issues, then your marriage is doomed?


Am I saying that having financial issues and constantly stressing and disagreeing over them can affect your marriage?

Yes, that is, in fact, what I’m saying.

Money issues have wrecked a lot of marriages and still continue to do so because they’re not handled well.

  1. FEELING LONELY OR AVOIDING YOUR PARTNERsigns your marriage is in trouble
    Feeling alone or lonely in your marriage is a bad sign.

Perhaps you don’t feel supported or appreciated by your partner, or you feel isolated within the marriage.

This is an indication of deeper issues and can be harmful to the marriage.

When one partner begins to avoid the other and choose work, hobbies, or other activities over them or to avoid being at home, trouble is brewing.

    You know your marriage is in trouble when you or your partner begin to fantasize about divorce.

If you’re thinking about it, it’s already bad, but fantasizing about it. That’s bad, bad.

Obviously, you wouldn’t be thinking about divorce if the marriage is normal and happy.

So we know there’s already an issue on the ground bad enough for you to consider leaving.

But the fact that one of you thinks about separation or divorce is another bad sign.

It’s difficult for people to put in the work and fix their marriages when one or both of them are already thinking about giving up.

So, the chances of the marriage surviving are slim.

  1. ONE OF YOU ENGAGES IN DESTRUCTIVE HABITSsigns your marriage is in trouble
    If you or your partner start engaging in certain lifestyles, it’s almost a sure verdict that the marriage is in trouble.

Habits such as excessive clubbing, substance abuse, and keeping certain dangerous companies can severely impact the marriage in different ways.

At first, it may seem harmless; after all, it’s your life.

But with time, it begins to affect your partner and the health of the marriage.

These signs are not meant to make you feel hopeless or give up on your marriage.

Recognizing signs that a marriage is in trouble can be challenging but is crucial for addressing issues early.

If you can relate to one or more of these signs, it’s time to talk with your partner about the state of your marriage and seek professional help in resolving these problems.

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