It is difficult for any relationship to thrive or even work without trust.

Trust is essential in every relationship, so it is important that you and your partner do things that build trust in your relationship.

What makes a man trust a woman is not too different from what makes a woman trust a man.

But let us talk about the men now.

If you have ever wondered what can make your man trust you, the tips below will help you.

12 Things That Make A Man Trust A Woman

    Nothing kills trust faster than an “on and off” behavior.

Your man needs to be able to trust that you will consistently act in a certain way.

Not that you don’t have a right to change your mind or disagree with him, but show consistency in how you communicate and share your feelings.

And you show up for him; you do that every time.

When you are consistent, you take away every doubt that he feels about you and the relationship.

Consistency solidifies trust in relationships.

    things that make a man trust you

Another thing that makes a man trust a woman is when she keeps and follows through on her commitment.

It is difficult to trust a person who never keeps their word and never does what they say they will do.

If you keep failing or going back on your commitment, it is a sign that even your commitment to him can not be trusted.

A woman who stays true to her words and her commitment is a woman who is easy to trust.

    Faithfulness is essential when building trust.

A man wants to know that you are faithful to him and he does not have to worry about anything, especially not other men.

When you show that you are faithful and remain so, it makes a man trust you.

Expecting anyone to trust you when you are not faithful to them is unrealistic.

Just as you’ll find it hard to trust someone who has been unfaithful to you, expect the same reaction from him.

    Openness makes a man trust a woman.

A man is very likely to trust you when you are open with him about your feelings, thoughts, mindset, fears, and everything about you.

When a woman hides things from a man, it takes away the trust because he begins to feel like you are hiding more sensitive things from him even if you are not.

To build trust, practice openness in your relationship.

    things that make a man trust you

When lies begin to find roots in your relationship, trust will fly out the window.

It is as easy as that.

Truthfulness fosters trust.

A man will trust a woman who does not lie to him.

Regardless of how small or big it is, a lie is a lie.

When you begin to tell lies about your life, past, or things around you generally, you are killing trust.

Unfortunately, the thing about lies is that they can not be hidden for long.

Eventually, the truth will be found out, and he will begin to doubt every other thing you say and eventually stop trusting you.

You do not want that to happen, so it is important to stay away from lies.

    Things That Make A Man Trust A Woman

Vulnerability is one sure way to make a man trust you.

When you are comfortable enough to be vulnerable with him, it makes him feel secure with you, and he, in turn, opens up to you too.

If you want a man to trust you and feel safe with you, be vulnerable with him.

Of course, you should not just practice vulnerability with any and every man.

You have to be comfortable with him and trust him enough to be vulnerable with him.

    Judging and criticizing is an easy thing to do, and many women do it.

When a man finds a woman who listens to him with zero judgments and lots of empathy, he becomes drawn to her and begins to trust her.

To make a man trust you, develop the habit of listening to him empathetically.

And in no time, a solid trust will be built.

    In a world where people always disappoint and fail you, finding a reliable person is hard.

When people find someone they can rely on, they hold on to them because they know they can trust them always to be there.

Reliability makes a man trust a woman.

When he sees that he can always count on her to be there for him, his trust in her grows.

    It is difficult to trust someone who is never there.

Not only is it difficult, but it is also quite unrealistic to expect your man to trust you when you are absent and never make effort to be present.

Being physically present and available makes a man trust a woman.

When he sees her often, he can relate with her better, understand her, and ultimately trust her.

    Honest conversations are a surefire way to make a man trust a woman.

Having truthful and open conversations together deepens intimacy and trust between the two of you.

When a man knows that he can trust you to tell him the truth, even when it hurts, it further strengthens his trust in you.

If a woman is honest with her man and does not lie or hide things from him, then she will earn his trust.

  1. Loyalty

A man will not trust a woman who is not loyal to him.

If she prioritizes other people who share her commitment to him with other men, she is not loyal, and he will not trust her.

Loyalty makes a man trust a woman because he knows that she is committed to him and does not share that with anyone else.

    It is no news that men love to be respected.

Apart from making them feel valued and prioritized, when you respect a man, you make him trust you more.

A man is more likely to trust a woman who respects better than one who does not.

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